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Outlaw Fitness will put you behind bar(bell)s

1. What does your business do?

We help people achieve their fitness goals, whatever that may be to the individual. We help people with their weight loss and help them gain muscle and tone up. We help them with their fitness goals, whether that’s running a 5K or being able to get up off the ground without assistance. We even have clients whose goal is get to the CrossFit Games. Every one has their own fitness goal, and we help them achieve that.

2. What sets your business apart from the competition?

We have a lot of experience in our particular field combined with a passion for what we do. I love helping people reach their goals. It is the whole reason why we are here.

3. What is your key for surviving the recession?

Fitness and wellness is always important no matter the economy, and I believe it becomes even more important when times are tight because you don’t have room in your budget to be sick and ill, and it becomes that much more important to maintain your health through a healthy lifestyle.

4. What strategy do you use to hire good employees?

We have developed an extensive program over the past few months. Not only do we require our athletes to have a CrossFit Level 1 certification, but we also have them go through an internship of at our facility to really have them see how things are done here at Rifle OutLaw Fitness. Our members are our important to us, so we make sure that our trainers are extremely competent and just super excited to be working here.

5. What is your plan for growth in the next year in products, services or quality?

We have just opened up a new family plan which is awesome. What we did was we basically allow you to have your whole family come to the gym for the cost of two adults — even if you have 10 kids. We have an awesome kids program available that is catered to their individual age group that the kids just have a blast in while learning how to live a healthy active lifestyle. We are doing this to encourage families to get healthy together as a family.

6. What do you enjoy about running a business here?

What I enjoy most is seeing my clients reach their fitness goals and do something that they never thought they would be able to do in their life, something that they just wrote off that they would never be able to do again because of one reason or another. Just seeing the pride and joy in my client’s eyes is amazing.

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