Real Estate Transactions |

Real Estate Transactions

Seller: Edward R. and Michelle J. Buchman Revocable TrustBuyer: Constance H. Baker, Michelle R. Marlow and Keith E. MarlowAddress: 150 Main Street, CarbondalePrice: $295,000Date: no date listedSeller: Culpepper Land and Cattle Co.Buyer: Ronald Charles RobertsonAddress: 186 Midland Point Road, CarbondalePrice: $215,000Date: Sep. 28, 2004Seller: Herbert L. and Ethel E. RichardsBuyer: Jerel E. and P. Jill RichardsAddress: 600 N. 4th St., SiltPrice: 0Date: no date listedSeller: EVSD LLCBuyer: Sharon K. RatherAddress: 2548 S. Grand Ave.Price: $279,900Date: Sep. 28, 2004Seller: Alane M. ZipfelBuyer: Amparo G. Ruiz and Thelmo R. MartinezAddress: 2442 East Ave., RiflePrice: $184,000Date: Sep. 30, 2004Seller: Steve W. and Inez Goodzey BergBuyer: Mary C. DufonAddress: Lot 4, River Way SubdivisionPrice: $185,000Date: Sep. 30, 2004Seller: Dora Gail SchultzBuyer: Craig L. and Elisa Kathleen SchultzAddress: 2859 335 Rd., New CastlePrice: $800,000Date: no date listedSeller: Paul D. and Mitzi JacobsenBuyer: Rachel Esparza and Shirley GuerraAddress: 426 Wagon Wheel Circle, New CastlePrice: $295,000Date: Sep. 30, 2004Seller: Rene TornareBuyer: Amy B. ChristnerAddress: 708 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $240,000Date: Sep. 30, 2004Seller: Ralph I. Smith and John C. SmithBuyer: Jose Luis Navarro and Fabiola MendizabalAddress: 2028 Chickadee Court, SiltPrice: $185,000Date: Sep. 29, 2004Seller: Brian M. and Dawn M. DorzokBuyer: Carlo M. and Pamela M. RotaAddress: 1482 Greystone Dr., Carbondale Price: $347,500Date: Sep. 29, 2004Seller: Keralsa LLCBuyer: William D. RippyAddress: 2594 Howard Ave., RiflePrice: 0Date: Sep. 15, 2004Seller: Alan E. PorterBuyer: Joy PorterAddress: 2848 County Rd 314, New CastlePrice: $0Date: Oct 26, 2004Seller: Mitchell S. and Kristin Taylor RandallBuyer: Antonio Areas SantiagoAddress: 4019 Sky Ranch Dr., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $353,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Verlin F. and Arlene WindedahlBuyer: Betty J. CollinsAddress: 5352 Co. Rd 233, RiflePrice: $186,000Date: no date listedSeller: Big Ranch LLCBuyer: Lazy B. Ranch LLCAddress: Ranch Creek PUD Lot 1, Garfield CountyPrice: $148,500Date: Nov. 2, 2004Seller: Woodpecker LLCBuyer: Laura PrayAddress: Dakota Meadows Row House Lots 17-18 & 21, Lot 18A, Garfield CountyPrice: $328,000Date: Oct. 28, 2004Seller: Tammy H. ZieglerBuyer: Brieanne L. RippyAddress: 3720 Old Lodge Rd., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $275,000Date: Oct. 28, 2004Seller: Deborah Poleri, Barbara Poleri, and Thomas John PoleriBuyer: Nicole RecklesAddress: 1212 Blake Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $426,900Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Lakota Canyon Ranch Development LLCBuyer: Frank and Carla J. HegerAddress: Lakota Canyon Ranch Filing 1-1st AMD & Restated Lot: 2 Block GPrice: $174,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Frank and Carla J. HegerBuyer: Public Trustee-Garfield County, Heritage BankAddress: Lot 2 Block G Lakota Canyon Ranch Filing 1, New CastlePrice: 0Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Aime R. LemmonsBuyer: Charles A. Roberts Revocable Living TrustAddress: 940 24th St., #4, RiflePrice: $135,900Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Joseph H. StriefelBuyer: Anna L. JonesAddress: 228 Midland Point Rd., CarbondalePrice: $650,000Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Eric Scott and Jeannine HunterBuyer: James A. and Rebecca WestphalAddress: 340 Buckthorn Rd., New CastlePrice: $245,500Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Kathleen Ann FeinsingerBuyer: John and Soraya BurgAddress: Part of 16-6-89, Glenwood SpringsPrice: $120,600Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Brad and Darcie DykemaBuyer: Michael J. StollAddress: 1601 Defiance Dr., CarbondalePrice: $267,000Date: Nov. 2, 2004Seller: Jo A. RandolphBuyer: Aaron C. and Midge S. DallasAddress: 634 Euclid Ave., CarbondalePrice: $510,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Robyn S. ZiebertBuyer: Rhett Michael CarenasAddress: 932 Wheel Circle, CarbondalePrice: $265,000Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Linda ArnoldBuyer: Wilke Living TrustAddress: 811 Main Court, CarbondalePrice: $1,075,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: James A. Fosnaught and Anna S. ItenbergBuyer: Brian BruggmanAddress: 939 Wheel Circle, CarbondalePrice: $240,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Greg and Kathleen FeinsingerBuyer: Minoo A. and Dale ParkerAddress: 1606 Bennett Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $459,400Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Judy WerrisBuyer: John S. Downing, Jr. and Debbie A. DowningAddress: 319 Sagemont Circle, ParachutePrice: $186,000Date: Oct. 28, 2004Seller: Carole L. Brown and Virginia E. CainBuyer: Rock A. and Christie M. LeonardAddress: TBD Castle Valley Blvd., New CastlePrice: $655,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: SMI LLLPBuyer: Robert B. EmersonAddress: 630 & 636 Bristlecone Way, SiltPrice: $358,000Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Archdiocese of DenverBuyer: Catholic Charities & Community Serv of – Archidiocese of Denver, Inc.Address: 1004 Grand Ave., Glenwood SpringsPrice: $650,000Date: Nov. 1, 2004Seller: Crystal River L PBuyer: Warren K. and Helga T. PulisAddress: 312 Crystal Canyon Dr., CarbondalePrice: $260,000Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Tina G. TuckerBuyer: Robert Tucker – Trustee and Robert Tucker Revocable TrustAddress: 333 Lamprecht Dr., CarbondalePrice: $575,000Date: Oct. 29, 2004Seller: Joyce L. AllbaughBuyer: Pam J. MulleaveyAddress: 767 Pine Crt, New CastlePrice: $228,000Date: Nov. 2, 2004Seller: Savage Limited Partnership IBuyer: Gregory J. and Anne E. TamburelloAddress: 1601 Anvil View Ave., RiflePrice: $65,000Date: Oct 29, 2004Seller: Gregory J. TamburelloBuyer: Gregory J. and Anne E. TamburelloAddress: 341 E. 5th St., RiflePrice: $0Date: Nov. 2, 2004Seller: Specialty Restaurants CorpBuyer: Travis Jason MetcalfAddress: Garfield CountyPrice: $450,000Date: Nov. 2, 2004Seller: Jeffrey A. CrawBuyer: Paul J. RinkerAddress: Garfield CountyPrice: $0Date: Nov. 2, 2004Seller: Janice A. KayBuyer: John J. Pavell TrustAddress: 600 West Main St., New CastlePrice: $139,000Date: Nov. 3, 2004

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