Sunshine & Moons offers natural, organic baked goods |

Sunshine & Moons offers natural, organic baked goods

Sarah Niebler enjoys her view of Mount Sopris from her new bakery.

For valley residents who make an effort to eat natural, organic or vegan foods, options are limited when it comes to sweets.

Sarah Niebler is hoping her Glenwood Springs bakery, Sunshine & Moons, will help fill that void.

The bakery opened Nov. 15 and offers a variety of from-scratch products, including cakes, candies, cookies and confections, many of which come in a vegan option.

“I’m a natural and organic bakery,” Niebler said. “I also do gluten-free and vegan because I have a lot of friends who eat gluten-free and vegan, and they need specific things. All the candies are actually gluten-free.”

“I also do gluten-free and vegan because I have a lot of friends who eat gluten-free and vegan, and they need specific things.”
Sarah Niebler
owner, Sunshine & Moons bakery

Some of her candies include caramels, toffee, chocolate caramel fudge, hazelnut chocolate caramel fudge, turtles and more.

“The candies all kind of were inspired by my grandfather,” Niebler said. “He always made homemade caramels, he made toffee, he made peanut brittle, stuff like that.”

Niebler has a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, a culinary arts degree and a baking and pastry degree. She has worked in the food service industry for more than 15 years and has run restaurants, but she always knew she wanted to own her own bakery or bed and breakfast. She and her husband moved to the valley when they were hired at Whole Foods two and a half years ago, and she acquired the space for her bakery at 2550 Highway 82, Unit A208, in May.

“One of our goals to get up here was to open up a bed and breakfast, a bakery or something like that,” Niebler said. “So it kind of turned out that this was the opportunity.”

Niebler, who is currently the only employee at the bakery, said the shop is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, when anyone can drop in to shop around. She also takes special orders, and she said she usually reserves Saturdays for taking care of wedding cakes or other custom orders. Sunday, she said, is definitely her day off.

“It’s just me right now,” Niebler said. “In writing my business plan and getting all this together, it was hard to get a business loan. So I told myself, ‘I can’t afford to pay somebody right now, so whatever I can do, it’s by myself.’ My husband helps me on the side, but he still works full-time at Whole Foods.”

Niebler’s husband is actually the biggest reason she ended up in Glenwood Springs. He was born in Glenwood and spent summers here from the time he was 3 years old to 18, when his mother passed away.

“He spread her ashes on Mount Sopris,” Niebler said. “So it had a big tie for him to move back here.”

But over the years, Niebler has built up her own memories in and love for the valley.

“Our first date we ever had away from Denver was he took me up to Hotel Colorado, and then we ate at Fin’s, right downtown,” Niebler said. “We ended up having our rehearsal dinner there in March, and then we had the wedding at the Hotel Colorado on March 22. So this whole area has meant a lot.”

Niebler is keeping busy with Sunshine & Moons right now, but a bed and breakfast is still a dream.

“It’s still in the works that one day we’re going to have a bed and breakfast, too,” she said. “We can produce the baked things out of here and have wedding events, so we can do the whole shebang.”

But for now, Niebler is content with her bakery with a view.

“I chose this location because every day, I get to look out at Mount Sopris,” she said. “And this is what brought us back, was my husband and his family. I love it.”

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