The love and soul of flower design |

The love and soul of flower design

How did your business start?

I started learning the art of floral design as a young teenager. My mom started her own wedding business back in 2000, and I quickly learned that flowers where such a form of art that I loved, and I knew that some day I would have my own business as well. I worked side by side with my mom for more than 10 years. In 2011 I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley. With the new changes I knew this is where I wanted to grow her business. In May 2013 I opened Soul Flower. The name represents my favorite flower, the sunflower, and the meaning of the name reminds us of the love and soul flowers bring to us all.

What do you sell?

At Soul Flower we offer all and any floral services for any occasion and or event. We like a challenge, and we love to try new things.

What positive lessons did you learn during the recession?

During the recession we have learned to stand by our talent and continue to do the work we do. We make the needed changes so we can still offer our services to our customers.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

My strategy for growth for the next year is to become apart of the community, create a presence and design and give beautiful floral services to our customers.

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