Campbell full of inconsistencies |

Campbell full of inconsistencies

Dear Editor,

Ben Campbell’s article “Energy bill debate promises to be heated” in the March 3, Denver Post is full of his usual inconsistencies. He states that the Democrats crafted an energy bill behind closed doors, which is “not the way to ensure the future of our nation’s energy.” Maybe he needs to tell Vice President Cheney that, so that the administration will reveal who advised them behind closed doors on their version of the energy bill and save us taxpayers the expense of a lawsuit.

Campbell objects to increasing the fuel efficiency standards because bigger vehicles are safer. It is also safer for motorcyclists to wear helmets, but Campbell is against that. Consistency is not one of his strong suits. One of the big problems with these “safer” vehicles is that they make the smaller vehicles less safe. Being tailgated by a GM Yukon or a Ford Expedition (Exxon Valdez) is very uncomfortable. It does make you want to get a bigger vehicle. So you do and then the next person needs a bigger vehicle and it becomes an arms race.

Campbell dismisses anything to do with the environment with phrases like “environmental fanaticism,” “unfounded environmental concerns” and “environmental extremists with inflammatory agendas.” I guess we know what extremist position he takes. He’d rather label and call names than have a rational debate.

Just how much money has Campbell accepted from the energy industry anyway? Go to and you will find that the oil and gas industry is the number one contributor to Ben Campbell. Was his article written to reassure us voters or his contributors?


Gerald R. Terwilliger


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