Candy and kids make the County Fair parade |

Candy and kids make the County Fair parade

Post Independent Photo/Kara K. Pearson W/ IV STORY Tyler Lewis, 10, right, points out the start of the Garfield County Fair parade in Rifle Saturday morning to his cousin, Calab Batson, center, and brother, Mikey Lewis, 7.

No time in our culture other than parade season do adults awkwardly unfold themselves onto curbs and stare into traffic, waiting for men in little cars to zoom down the street.Those lucky enough, or old enough, to find something better than the curb, fling open their lawn chairs and position them in whatever sliver of shade is made available by buildings or trees.Saturday, at the Garfield County Fair parade in Rifle, adults hugged the shade as kids pushed to the front of the curbs – the prime location for candy collection.Adults go to parades out of tradition and loyalty to their children. The kids see the parade as a precursor to an unsupervised sugar buzz.

Being allowed to walk in the street without getting yelled at and collecting and eating gobs of candy before noon, are far and away the two best things about the fair, according to all of the children at the parade.Tootsie rolls, lollipops and fire balls were among the most popular treats.Quotable quotes:”Oh, the candy,” said Lyndsay Allen, 10, of Rifle as she rubbed her hands together. “The candy’s the best. I especially like the part where you can run in the road and not worry about getting hit by a car. That’s so cool.””I like the fans,” said Danielle Pyle, 10, of Rifle, about Japanese hand fans thrown from the floats. “That’s the best prize you can get.”

“I wish that it was only us four,” said Matti Long, 10, of Rifle. “That would be cool because we could get all of the candy.””I ate a fried twinkie and went on the Octopus and when I got back my face was green,” said Amorette Wendt, 12, of Rifle about her experience on a ride at the fair.”We come to see the people,” said Kaila McCormike, 7, of Rifle.”I come here to get the candy and see all of the floats,” said Rachel DeForest, 12, of Rifle.”I went on a roller coaster that did loopty loops,” said Brandon McCormike, 10, of Rifle. “I got dizzy but I still go on them.”

“What I like about the parade is that my sister’s in it and we come every day to pick up candy,” said Michael Williams, 10, of Rifle.”My favorite thing about the parade is the Army,” said Boddie Clouse, 10, of Rifle. “My friend’s dad was in the Army.””My favorite part is the shoe tapping because they give rhythm to the shoes,” said Ashlynn Speakman, 8, of Parachute.Contact Ivy Vogel: 945-8515, ext.

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