Car color popularity means one mixed-up auto owner |

Car color popularity means one mixed-up auto owner

April in Glenwoodby April E. Clark
Special to the Post IndependentAccording to DuPont Automotive Color, a blue vehicle signifies an eternally optimistic, upbeat, and youthful owner with lots of friends, who always sees the bright side of life.

If car color choice really says anything about my personality, Im a little like Sally Field in Sybil.Not to downplay the seriousness of multiple personality disorder, but looking back at my cars hues since I turned 16, Ive been all over the board with paint color choices.According to DuPont Automotive Color, based in Troy, Mich., there are distinctive personality traits often associated with a drivers chosen car color. They are:n Silver, the worlds leading vehicle color, signifies a go-getter type who, rather than dwelling on problems, overcomes them.n Black, characterized by someone with power, prestige and elegance, is for both the dreamers and workaholics in all of us.n White signifies a calm determination that helps a person look at the whole picture before reacting.n Green means the car owner is generous, enjoys making other people happy, and likes to give big gifts.n Red is for those running on emotion and instinct, which works well for the most part. People really value a red car drivers opinion.n Blue characterizes an eternally optimistic, upbeat and youthful person with lots of friends, who always sees the bright side of life.n Bright blues, reds and yellows indicate an increased sense of adventure. Yellow, in particular, ranks in the top 10 for colors of sport and compact vehicles.When I was 16 I drove a black Mustang, which, according to the personality breakdown, meant I was well above my classmates in being powerful, prestigious, elegant, dreamy-eyed and overworked. I didnt serve as co-captain of the wrestling teams Mat Maids (dreamy boys) and treasurer of my class (powerful), join art club (elegant) and French club (prestigious) and work during my summer break on our yearbook, (workaholic) for nothin.As a 23-year-old, I drove a green Grand Am. Ive always found inherent joy in making others smile, but when it came to giving big gifts, the green wasnt there to share. My Zeta Tau Alpha international headquarters editorial assistant job was my first real gig out of college, and I didnt quite make the big bucks (no extravagant gifts for anyone, especially at Christmas). Considering I was a struggling journalism grad, the personality profile for green cars didnt exactly match me at 23.At 26, I drove a cherry red, gold edition Grand Am. At that age, and for the next four years, I followed DuPonts suit, mostly because I was the editor-in-chief of a restaurant, food, wine and spirits magazine (basic instinct), and my long-term relationship came to a halt (emotion). With all those oak-barrel-aged Scotch, premium tequila and fine wine tastings to attend, people really did value my opinion. I swear.In my early 30s, I have happily driven a white Jeep Liberty, which feels like a good fit, but the color might not necessarily match. I think I stress a little too much to have calm determination, although I have been accused of being freakish about not showing emotion when times get tough. I like to think I look at the whole picture before reacting. But, I know on one particular Friday afternoon I screamed like a banshee while riding Glenwood Caverns new Sling Shot ride, even though I know it was completely safe, and a 78-year-old and a 6-year-old rode before and after me, respectively.In my case, matching personality to car color is sort of hit-or-miss. It sure is fun to fit the personality profile to a person who drives black, green, red and white cars.April E. Clark may choose a blue car for her next purchase because being an eternally optimistic, upbeat, and youthful person who always sees the bright side of life is better than the alternative. Contact her at 945-8515 ext. 518 and

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Berthod Motors in Glenwood Springs will host its third annual 4×4 show. Participants can enter their own four-wheel drive vehicles in one of three classes: compact, mid-size and full-size. All makes and models are welcome, and registration is free. Prizes will be awarded to best in class, best of show and day of show articulation ramp contest entries. Call 945-7466 or register at Berthod Motors and ask for Greg Hire or Greg Hooker.

In celebration of the MGAs 50th anniversary, the MG Car Club, Rocky Mountain Centre, will host a display of classic British cars on Ninth Street between Grand and Cooper avenues from 5-7 p.m. Friday, in conjunction with its 53rd consecutive Rallye Glenwood Springs. The annual event is the oldest continuous rally in the United States. Take a short trip back to the 1940s and 1950s by examining the cars up close and talking with owners on Friday evening. Saturdays main event is a tour through the scenic Glenwood Springs area. On Sunday, visit the entire car show from 9-11:30 a.m. at Two Rivers Park.

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