Car goes 200 feet down Independence Pass embankment |

Car goes 200 feet down Independence Pass embankment

An Aspen teenager had some explaining to do Sunday morning after a rough night on Independence Pass.

Colorado State Patrol Cpl. Ivan Alvarado said a car was spotted by a cyclist about 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning and called authorities.

“They could not find anyone at the scene, so they called the registered owner who said the son was driving the car but he was safely home,” Alvarado said. “So it was left as an unattended crash.”

He said the car was about 200 feet down from the highway.

The car went off the road just past mile marker 48, which is about a mile east of the winter closure gate and six miles from Aspen, according to a Pitkin County deputy.

The car will remain down the embankment for a while because the pass will have to be closed to bring it up.

“He flew pretty far down there,” Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Monique Merritt said. “I’m surprised he’s not injured.”

She said the 18-year-old walked back to town.

Alvarado said the investigation is ongoing and as of Sunday afternoon no citations had been issued.

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