Car stolen at Grand Avenue 7-Eleven in Glenwood Springs |

Car stolen at Grand Avenue 7-Eleven in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs police reported an idling car was stolen Wednesday morning from the Grand Avenue 7-Eleven in Glenwood Springs.

At about 6 a.m. a Glenwood Springs man went to the 7-Eleven and left his car, a green 2001 Honda Accord, running in the parking lot when someone decided to get in the vehicle and take off with it, said Police Chief Terry Wilson.

The four-door Honda Accord’s license plate reads EQS-494.

Police received a report of a similar vehicle seen heading west out of town, but Wilson said they were unsure whether this was the same car. The chief said late in the day that the car had not been found or sighted again.

Beyond the environmental reasons not to leave your vehicle idling, it’s also illegal to leave your car running with the keys inside, as it’s an unattended running vehicle, said the chief.

Contact Glenwood Springs police at 970-384-6500 if you see this vehicle of have information about this crime.


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