Carbondale Community School skews, skewers world history |

Carbondale Community School skews, skewers world history

Post Independent Photo/Kara K. PearsonPayton Traylor, top, pretends to sleep on Amelia Ahumada while rehearsing the scene, "The Dawn of Piggilization", in the play "Time ... and Time Again" at Carbondale Community School Friday. The fundraising play will be held at the school March 22 and 23 at 7 p.m.

Carbondale Community School students had a quick review of theater basics on Monday afternoon:Wait until the entire class is on stage before you take a bow; if you have to sniff your armpit on stage, use the arm nearest the audience – and raise it high.

Such is the advice of the schoolwide production “Time … and Time Again.”The play features all 117 students and takes a humorous, “what-if” look at history. What if, for example, Lewis and Clark took women along on their trip up the Missouri, as one scene in “Time … and Time Again” asks?”Pretty much (the women) do all the work, and then they go to Mexico,” said seventh-grader Kenny Kincade.

Or, what if a judge during the Salem witch trials had to go to anger-management class, where he met other often-disgruntled celebrity historical figures. “Time … and Time Again” is lighthearted, but it does reflect a serious amount of work by the students. “It’s funny to see Genghis Kahn in this anger-management class, but what’s happened before that is a significant amount of research,” said principal Leslie Emerson.

Students spent weeks studying history, from the Egyptians to the Roaring Twenties, Emerson said. It was, “a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work,” said eighth-grader Raine Girardot. All those weeks of preparation go on display tonight, when “Time … and Time Again” opens.

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