Carbondale gets movin’ to win LiveWell challenge |

Carbondale gets movin’ to win LiveWell challenge

Heidi Rice
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“Avalanche Creek”
Hannah Klausman |

Carbondale earned the title of “most active community in Garfield County,” according to the results of LiveWell Garfield County’s “Get Movin’ Challenge” held in May.

The challenge is part of an ongoing effort to get people to engage in a program of healthy eating and at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for 30 days. Participants were encouraged to sign up in their community and to log in every day with the amount of exercise they had accomplished each day.

This is the second year the county has participated in the statewide “Get Movin’ Challenge” campaign.

In conjunction with the challenge, the Post Independent also held a photo contest and invited photographs of people involved in some form of physical exercise.

“I was really pleased that every community in the county participated in the Get Movin’ Challenge. I think as we keep doing it every year, more people will catch on.”
Dana Wood
LiveWell Garfield County coordinator

“I was really pleased that every community in the county participated in the Get Movin’ Challenge,” said Dana Wood, LiveWell Garfield County coordinator. “I think as we keep doing it every year, more people will catch on.”

Out of 181 communities participating around the state, the results in Garfield County were:

• Carbondale — First place and 28th place statewide with 25 participants, averaging 50 minutes, 10 seconds of daily exercise.

• Rifle — Second place and 53rd statewide with 34 participants averaging 37:33 of daily exercise.

• Silt — Third place and 74th statewide with 22 participants averaging 28:41 of daily exercise.

• Parachute — Fourth place and 78th place statewide with 19 participants averaging 28:04 of daily exercise.

• Glenwood Springs — Fifth place and 80th place statewide with 57 participants averaging 27:36 of daily exercise.

• New Castle — Sixth place and 85th place statewide with 17 participants averaging 26:36 of daily exercise.

Three people were winners in the photo contest. First place was awarded to Carrie Godes of Glenwood Springs with a shot of her husband, Jonathan, and daughter, Addison, 6, in “Crossing the Finish Line.”

“It was shot at the New Creation preschool graduation party in West Glenwood,” Godes said. “They won.”

Godes won a 10-punch pass to the Glenwood Springs Recreation Center.

Second place went to Hannah Klausman of Rifle with a shot of herself stretching on a bridge over “Avalanche Creek.”

“I was taking my parents on a hike of outside of Redstone on May 26, and they ended up calling it the ‘Trail of Tears’ because they’re from only 800 feet elevation,” Klausman said with a laugh. “And I told them it was a 3-mile hike and it turned out to be 5 miles.”

Klausman won a 10-punch pass to the Carbondale Recreation Center.

Third place went to Julie Albrecht of Carbondale, who said her photo, “Head Over Heels,” depicted “real Western life” movement. It was shot at the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo and featured rider Chris Comroe of Gypsum making his handstand dismount and professional rodeo clown Bo Wertz of Montrose.

“This was the natural way to exercise,” Albrecht said. “It’s the way people got out and about, and for these cowboys and cowgirls, it was the primary way that people kept fit in Garfield County.”

Albrecht won a free yoga session to Mistyoga in Rifle.

The challenge now is for everyone to continue to try and eat a healthy diet, heavy with fruits and vegetables and get plenty of exercise.

“The challenge may be over, but I hope people will keep trying to get at least 30 minutes of fitness in every day,” Wood said.

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