Carbondale Run’s legend grows by word of mouth |

Carbondale Run’s legend grows by word of mouth

Ryan Graff

If there ever was a word-of-mouth event, the Carbondale Run is it. Rumors, gossip, and hearsay have been circulating through skateboard shops and parks for months regarding this weekend’s skateboard event at Carbondale’s skate park. In the past three months a group called Hell Ride Crew Productions has taken out full-page ads in national skateboard magazines Thrasher and Slap, and put up a Web site, ad says “Be There Or Screw You” and promises, “Guaranteed Greatest Weekend of Your Life,” but doesn’t say a much beyond that.The ads have a map of Interstate 70 and Highway 82 complete with a legend. Black poodles stand for rich people, cows are food, guitars are music, trailers are camping, white cans are beer, and trucker-style naked-lady silhouettes show where to find girls. The map gives Glenwood Springs a single cow, Denver two cows and a trailer, Aspen takes all the black poodles, and Carbondale takes all the naked ladies, white cans, guitars and a few trailers. And that says about as much about the Carbondale Run as anything. All Hell Ride Crew manager Dave Sypniewski would say is: “It’s a bunch of guys coming over to skate for the weekend.” “It’s more like year one of a Sturgis for skateboarding,” he said. At Sturgis, “All these guys go there for no reason but that they own motorcycles.”And that is what Sypniewski is hoping to make Carbondale.But beyond that, “really nobody knows what to expect,” said Olivia Britz, a sales person at Carbondale’s Casual Culture skate shop. “They’re trying to keep it hush-hush,” she said. With all the “hush-hush” going on, rumors have stated to fly. “We’ve heard something about Tony Hawk,” Britz said of skateboarding’s Babe Ruth. “I heard Danny Way is coming for sure,” 11-year-old Robert Reyes said recently at the Carbondale skate park. “Like, for sure, for sure.” Way holds world records for the longest jump on a skateboard (65 feet) and the highest air out of a vert ramp (18 feet). Reyes and friends rattled off a long list of pro skaters they heard were coming to Carbondale – Chris Seen, Eric Kosten, Ryan Sheckler, Bob Burnquist, all big names.But Sypniewski wouldn’t say which pros will show up. All he would say is that Carbondale Run would be a stop on the King of the Road Tour, a series of contests between competing teams of pros, and teams Zero, Almost, Deluxe, and Girl would be there.Then there is the music, which is a whole new puzzle. Thrash-metal band Slayer was to have played at Carbondale Run when it was originally scheduled in July, but couldn’t make this weekend’s date due to an Ozzfest commitment. Chris Woods of the Carbondale recreation department said on Monday that three bands would play at the Epitaph record label-sponsored event. One is Death by Stereo, the second is End of Star, and “the other band is a bigger band.” Woods confessed that the “bigger band” would be punk-rock superstars Guttermouth.Sypniewski said though, that Hell Ride Crew was “hit with a huge bill from the city,” for police overtime and staffing and that Guttermouth might not make it to Carbondale. But when asked if Guttermouth would play, Sypniewski would only say: “I don’t know, we’ll have to see. Stranger things have happened.”On Wednesday, though, Woods said that Guttermouth had to be dropped from the bill due to costs. Carbondale Run is somewhat of a mystery, which is by design. “That’s how we like it,” Sypniewski said. Sypniewski wants to see skateboarders at Carbondale Run, not just people looking for a free concert and place to drink beer. “You know how beer and sunshine gets a lot of guys out,” he said. “The people we’re really excited about having come out are the people that are really into skateboarding.” And that’s the one thing that’s clear about Carbondale Run. “This is all about skateboarding,” Sypneiwski said. Schedule of events:Friday: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Western Slope Skateboard Alliance amateur contests 9 p.m. – Party at Ship Of Fools Saturday: 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. – Registration5-7 p.m. – Pro contest7-8:30 p.m. – Best Trick3-8:30 p.m. – Live Music9 p.m. – Party at Ship Of FoolsBands are: EOS, Huero, Starless Night, Death By Stereo Starting at 1 p.m. KDNK will have interviews with many of the pro skaters competing in the event and updates on the competition. Starting at 4 p.m., KDNK will air some of the live music.Starting at 1 p.m. KDNK will have interviews with many of the pro skaters competing in the event and updates on the competition. Starting at 4 p.m., KDNK will air some of the live music.

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