Carbondale wants to bear down on unincorporated county trash |

Carbondale wants to bear down on unincorporated county trash

A bear successfully opens the door and prepares to enter a vehicle in search of food.
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Several Carbondale residents will be heading to the county commissioners meeting today to discuss how to keep bears out of all the trash cans in Garfield County.

While towns such as Carbondale and Glenwood Springs are working on or already have established trash ordinances and regulations to keep bears and other wildlife out, with fines to those that don’t comply, others just outside town limits do not have the same regulations.

“Bears and other wildlife continue to be drawn into incorporated areas of the county in search of food,” according to materials to be presented to the county commissioners, and drawn up by Carbondale Trustee Frosty Merriott.

While Carbondale addresses issues related to trash container design and storage location and continues to look for ways to address its trash code to protect bears and address the number of trucks on the road, similar efforts are not currently being made in unincorporated parts of the county.

Several Carbondale residents, including Merriott, want to see more consistency in municipal regulations related to garbage and wildlife to be enforced in unincorporated areas of the county. They will be presenting their case on Monday and will ask the commissioners to consider addressing garbage storage and disposal within these areas.

“This consistency would go a long way in preventing many of the attractive nuisances that draw wildlife into municipalities from surrounding areas,” according to the proposal before the county board.

Area Parks and Wildlife Officer Perry Will is also expected to be part of the discussion before the commissioners, and the city of Glenwood Springs was to send a representative, as well. The item is scheduled under the county manager update portion of this morning’s commissioner meeting in Glenwood Springs.

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