Catholic Charities expands Glenwood area’s adoption services |

Catholic Charities expands Glenwood area’s adoption services

Phillip Yates
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Rena and Bob Hutchinson were living in Glenwood Springs and wanted to adopt a child. So they decided to work with Catholic Charities in Denver to expand their family.

Then about a year ago, a mother in Colorado Springs couldn’t find the exact family she wanted for Avery, her soon-to-be adopted child. Catholic Charities called the Hutchinsons with the good news that they were a perfect fit.

“We talked about it,” said Rena Hutchinson, 40, the proud mother of Avery. “That was on a Wednesday. And the following Tuesday we went down to Catholic Charities in Colorado Springs, met Avery and brought him home on Thursday.”

Catholic Charities is about to help many more Western Slope residents who are seeking adoption services without requiring them to travel to Denver.

Melissa Maile, 33, the director of child welfare services for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver, said the Glenwood Springs Catholic Charities is now able to take in clients seeking the organization’s adoptive services. Staff in Denver will then travel to Glenwood Springs to assist potential adoptive parents with their questions, needs and training so that they can adopt a child, Maile said.

If enough clients seek Catholic Charities in Glenwood Springs for adoptions, then creation of a staff position to exclusively meet that need may be necessary, Maile said.

Catholic Charities is a licensed child placement agency throughout the state since 1927, according to the organization. The organization’s domestic infant program matches adoptive families with infants whose birth parents have created a plan of adoption for them. The group also collaborates with Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of N.C. to facilitate adoptions in China and Russia, according to information provided by Catholic Charities.

Rena Hutchinson said having staff at the Glenwood Springs Catholic Charities office available for new adoptive parents to seek information, receive training and possibly start the adoption process there rather than in Denver is a big boon to the area.

“When we started looking into it, our only choice was to go to Denver,” Hutchinson said. “We had to make many trips down to Denver for training and different meetings.”

In order to become an adoptive parent with Catholic Charities, Hutchinson said a prospective family must go through several classes and home-studies ” where Catholic Charities staff inspects potential adoptive parents’ homes. Because of that, Hutchinson said she and her husband had to make many trips down to Denver.

It is a different situation now that area residents can receive training in Glenwood Springs from staff who will instead travel from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Hutchinson said.

“It saves a lot, because you have that three-hour drive one way, and you’ve got hotels, eating out,” she said. “To have something up here, (will) make things so much easier.”

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