Cattle Creek dog shooter spoils Christmas season |

Cattle Creek dog shooter spoils Christmas season

Jessica Beck

Dear Editor,

Most of us feel pretty safe here, in this valley, in our homes. I know I used to.

My family had been enjoying our ranch on Cattle Creek since 1963. That is, until early last Saturday afternoon, Dec. 21, when my father and our beloved dog, Luther, were out enjoying the weather on our property.

Luther was not a small dog, he was half Saint Bernard and half black Lab, so he was almost purely black and weighed over 120 pounds, an extremely visible target.

My father was 2.5 miles up Cattle Creek in his truck, plowing a path we often walk, about 20 feet below the main road. He did this so that my mother, who is battling MS right now, would be able to use it. Luther was running along innocently next to my father’s truck.

That is when someone decided to use my family as target practice. The shot had to have come from either the road or from on our property.

Luther was shot with a high powered rifle through the stomach. Had the shooter’s aim been only a few feet off, he could have easily killed my father. Why anyone would shoot at someone minding their own business, on their own property, I cannot comprehend.

Although we rushed Luther to the veterinarian, it was no use. The rifle was far too powerful and had created too much internal damage. We heard reports of two teenage boys in a red Bronco driving up and down the road, but we really have no idea who the shooter was. All I want is for that person to know how devastated and heartbroken they have made my family this Christmas season.

P.S.: My family would like to thank Darlene Berkovitz DVM and her staff at Carbondale Animal Hospital for rushing in on a Saturday to help us.


Jessica Beck

Cattle Creek

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