Cavaliere trial moves toward closing arguments |

Cavaliere trial moves toward closing arguments

David Cavaliere

A Glenwood Springs trial in the felony vehicular homicide case against David Cavaliere continued this week as the defense and prosecution questioned witnesses and investigation officials involved in the case.

One of the prosecution’s witnesses, Joseph Lewis, who said he spoke with Cavaliere days after the March 2017 crash in Silt that killed two motorcyclists, testified in court on Thursday.

According to Lewis, Cavaliere told him and a mutual acquaintance of both about the crash. Lewis said Cavaliere told him that he was aggravated by the two motorcycle riders and wanted to “teach them a lesson.”

The crash in question occurred just after 7 p.m. on March 20, 2017, at the intersection of North First Avenue and U.S. Highway 6 in Silt.

The motorcycle riders, Eduardo Medrano, 21, and Nathan Russo, 22, were ejected from their bikes after colliding with Cavaliere’s vehicle. The two riders died from their injuries.

Lewis said he gave his initial statement to the 9th District Attorney’s Office days after the interaction with Cavaliere in April 2017.

While the prosecution is seeking a conviction on vehicular homicide charges for Cavaliere, the defense argued in opening statements last Friday that it was a tragic accident but not vehicular homicide.

In the defense team’s cross examination of Lewis, he was questioned about a voicemail that he left on investigator Brian Hollenbaugh’s phone days after his initial statement in which he said his statement probably wasn’t the way it happened.

Lewis said that, after he spoke with Cavaliere, he heard from other people in town about what they said happened.

He explained that some of the recounts from people he spoke to contradicted what he said in his initial statement, but reiterated that he clearly heard Cavaliere say that he was going to teach them a lesson in his recount of the incident.

The prosecution also called Hollenbaugh to the stand to recount elements of his investigation. Following Hollenbaugh’s testimony, the defense called two witnesses to the stand, Cavaliere’s sister and Judy Brewer.

Both recounted where Cavaliere had been earlier on the day of the crash.

District Judge James Boyd told the court to come back at 8:30 a.m. Friday for the completion of the case. District Attorney Jeff Cheney said he expects to conclude with closing arguments on Friday, before handing it over to the jury for deliberation and a verdict.

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