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C’dale blackout caused by downed tree branch

A fallen tree branch caused a July 16 blackout in Carbondale, according to Xcel Energy. The power outage left 2,000 Xcel Energy customers in the south part of town without power for several hours.High energy use, most likely from air conditioners in the middle of a heat wave, was originally thought to have caused the power outage. That is still believed to be what caused an outage in Denver around the same time as Carbondale’s that Sunday; the outage in Denver left 12,000 people without electricity.But the power failure in Carbondale was caused by tree branches that needed to be trimmed, Xcel Energy spokeswoman Ethnie Groves said on Tuesday. Maintenance efforts have been stepped up since the incident, she said.Blackouts have been in the news of late as thousands have gone without power in the Bronx, N.Y., and in St. Louis. And more than 300,000 Xcel Energy customers in the Denver area were briefly left without electricity and heat on the coldest day of winter in February, The Denver Post reported at the time. That was due to a rolling blackout.With much of the Western Slope baking in near triple-digit temperatures, some may wonder if more blackouts are on the way.”While I can’t predict the future, I can safely say that (rolling blackouts) will not be a problem” as the summer progresses, Groves said.

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