CDOT adds crosswalk at 6th and Pine |

CDOT adds crosswalk at 6th and Pine

Tom Newland

Question: What is CDOT doing to help pedestrians while the temporary walkway is in place?

CDOT will complete a new pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Sixth and Pine streets this week. When the pedestrian underpass on the north end of the vehicle bridge was removed, this prohibited pedestrians from easily accessing the south sidewalk on Sixth Street.

CDOT decided to use the island on the corner of Grand Avenue and Sixth to create a new pedestrian crossing configuration.

That also requires a traffic change. The crosswalk and traffic change are expected to take effect Thursday, May 12.

Motorists traveling south on Pine will be able to make only a right turn onto Sixth. They will not be permitted to turn left from Pine onto Sixth or go straight onto the Grand Avenue bridge.

Motorists should also be advised of the new stop bars for the crosswalk — drivers will be required to stop in advance of the stop bars, allowing pedestrians more time to cross. New signals will be installed as motorists approach the intersection from the Grand Avenue bridge and Sixth.

This configuration will be in place until August 2015, when the existing bridge will be closed for the final phase of its replacement.

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