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Celibacy not the problem

Dear Editor,

I thank you for allowing this exchange to continue. I thank Mr. Lubchenco for his continued response as well and am glad to see he is beginning to consider facts in making his argument. However, to make a credible argument, one must consider all the facts, not just the facts conducive to one’s desired conclusion. I believe this used to be called critical thinking.

The numbers do indeed suggest the possibility of a link between celibacy and perversion. I suspect that is why studies into the matter were conducted. Further investigation has revealed sexual disorder on the part of the guilty both before and after the vow of celibacy. The majority of these men were never celibate in the first place. In short, there is a problem to be sure, but celibacy has nothing to do with it.

Mr. Lubchenco argues against the discipline of celibacy on grounds it is unnatural. Here’s a few other things unnatural: organ transplants, chemical and surgical manipulation of reproductive organs, children growing up in two different homes with two sets of parents, self-termination, not to mention toilet training for toddlers. My guess is he wouldn’t apply the unnatural standard across the board, but only when convenient.

I didn’t miss Mr. Lubchenco’s point the first, second, or now, the third time he made it. “If the Bible is partly myth, then what is built upon it rests on stilts.” I’ve found it a rather dull point not worthy of much of a response, but perhaps I’ve been wrong about that.

The word “it” offers no proof and provides a very weak foundation for the weight of such an argument. However, I’ll go one better. Let’s exclude all claims of authenticity and divine revelation from the Bible and measure its teachings as well as those derived from it strictly against the standard of reason; then let’s go a step further and measure the “teachings” of the moral relativism so prevalent today against that same standard of reason.

Should it so please the editor to facilitate such a dialogue, Tom, this could be your big chance to prove wrong my speculation about your level of understanding of Catholic teachings.

Just what are the “convoluted and fossilized” reasonings that prevent ordination of women? Surely it must be more than a lingering chauvinistic attempt to oppress women, isn’t it?

Does the pope simply waltz into a poor country and tell them they can’t use birth control? Doesn’t he at least threaten them with the fires of hell once or twice before leaving?

Does the church really “ban” divorce? Doesn’t “till death do us part” really mean till one partner gets fed up and murders the other?

The only thing more wearisome than these misrepresentations is the fact that they’ve been repeated so often they are becoming accepted as general public knowledge.

Of course, one has the right to question, and there are legitimate questions to be asked and challenges to be made. On the other hand, oftentimes questions are posed, not for the purpose of attaining an answer, but rather for the purpose of distortion and degradation.

If Mr. Lubchenco’s motives are of the former, I’d love for this exchange to continue; if his motives are of the latter, well, I hope he wipes his feet before going in the house.

Dan Jenkins

New Castle

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