Change is all at once inescapable and revitalizing |

Change is all at once inescapable and revitalizing

Evan Zislis
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

When we forget to embrace change, life can seem an exhaustive hunger for fleeting moments and coveted things. We claw and grasp at flashes of light and hope, desperately clinging to the illusion of stability and permanence. Of course, we know better. Change is all at once inescapable and revitalizing. Change is the antithesis of stagnation. It is the marvel of Earth’s seasons and the life-giving abundance of each new harvest. It is the celestial theatre played out in the heavens and the relentless tides lapping the shores of time and renewal. Change is transformation, growth and courage revealed. It is who we are. It is what happens.

Change can be terrifying, so we often attempt to resist, hopelessly flailing and heaving about like a fall down an endless staircase. Distraught, we curse its power to take those we love, remove us from safety, and distinguish the now. At times, we seek it with cavalier arrogance, taunting its volatile bent on destruction. The inevitable truth is that change is the bare essence of life. Every moment is about recycling the decay of the done into the becoming anew. It is the strongest force of nature, unyielding, uncaring, uncompromising in its purpose and resolve. Embracing change allows us to release our futile death grip on the substantive and ephemeral, so that we may open our hearts to love and optimism – and evolve beyond expectation. Letting go of the familiar darkness provides the freedom and clarity to discover the light of a new day.

Happiness is a choice in spite of change. We have the capacity to experience each moment completely – savoring the grief of loss with the cleansing wash of sorrow, rejoicing the bliss of serenity with the fulfilling comfort of harmony, embracing the inspiring hope of promise with the committed pursuit of purpose. When we choose happiness, we choose only this moment. We allow ourselves to feel more deeply, generate reflective meaning from past experience, and develop an inner peace that understands the necessity for ebbs and flows. Nothing expires permanently, just as nothing stays fresh forever. Nothing is final, just as nothing escapes passing. Survival is only relative to changing circumstance, requiring the intentional evolution of how we perceive and respond to dynamic conditions. If happiness is a choice, it requires a delicate balance between letting go of the comfortable with the confident curiosity of the unknown.

We all know the story of the caterpillar. Relaxing full, fat and happy in the warmth of the late summer sun, all at once she discovered that she was alive. Through the tiny pads of her sensitive feet and the delicate hairs of her plump backside, she explored the magnificent world all around her. Little by little her sentience and perception grew more precise and defined, improving her agility and sense of purpose. Soon she became completely content, trekking from branch to branch drawn by the sweet promise of green nourishment. Life was known, understood and safe. One cloudy morning, however, she inexplicably withdrew from the world and became restless, nervously waiting to understand the meaning of her newfound isolation. Piece by piece she began to soften, un-becoming from the thing she knew and understood, into a cellular puddle of anticipation and fear. Her last thought, locked in her cocoon of panic and regret, was that her world was over.

All creatures inherently fear change. But butterflies are nature’s gift, flawlessly designed to remind us that we are intended to believe in the promise of something new. She is a miracle of change, symbolizing surrender, optimism and the reassurance of a brighter tomorrow.

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