Change your personal transportation habits from Aspen to Glenwood Springs |

Change your personal transportation habits from Aspen to Glenwood Springs

Transportation responsibility & YouSabrina HarrisGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Could you go without your car for a day? How about a week? More than 100 years ago, no one even knew what they were. So why is it so hard for some of us to do without them today? The problem is that most Americans have grown up with two or more cars in their household. And being creatures of habit, the hardest part about living without a car is changing our transportation habits. New habits require more thought, and human nature tells us to do what is easier than doing something different. It is easier to grab the car keys than grab the bicycle. Consider challenging yourself to break your automotive cycle and think differently about how you get around. Once you are used to it, it is easy, especially because you are saving so much money. Experience the joy, freedom, and cost savings of using alternative modes of transportation every day. Try commuting on your bike. Dont drive if you can walk or ride the bus. Dont make four trips in your car when you can combine it into one. Use the bus to get around town. Commute to Glenwood Springs by carpool. Even small changes in travel behavior can make a big difference on congestion. Help make the world a better, safer, more livable, less-polluted place.The cities of Glenwood Springs and Aspen urge you to join Commuter Club and be rewarded for using alternative transportation for your commute. This program is for commuters who live and travel in the Roaring Fork Valley and use the bus, walk or ride a bike or carpool to work. Membership is free and easy. To become a Commuter Club member, sign up online at You will receive an e-mail each month containing our monthly newsletter, which includes the latest transportation information as well as updates on special events and the latest prize winners. Join today and be part of the solution to our congestion problems. If you have questions about Commuter Club, GAPP or other transportation issues, please call 384-6437, e-mail or visit and click on Transportation for more information.

Midland Avenue traffic calming: This project is currently in the first of three phases. The first phase includes the four speed display signs, which are currently in place, three speed tables and two raised pedestrian crossings with one of the crossings to be combined with a landscape median. The complete project consists of 14 traffic-calming devices arranged about every 500 feet along Midland Avenue from 27th Street to Eighth Street. They include two entry islands, the speed display signs, alternating curb extensions, three speed tables, two landscape medians, two raised pedestrian crossings and a traffic circle. Eighth and Midland Avenue: Construction work is beginning on a trail and landscaping at the Eighth and Midland intersection, and work is beginning on a trail at Three Mile Creek and Midland Avenue near the Mountain Market, please use caution when traveling near these projects.Donegan Road reconstruction: With the recent weather change, the paving schedule for Donegan Road between Fairview Drive and Stoneridge Court will be subject to change. The contractor will be putting out door hanger notices within the immediate neighborhood. Signs will be posted on the road, and the community TV Channel 12 will show the paving dates once they are established. Cedar Crest Drive will be closed during the preparation and paving, with traffic being rerouted to Sunny Acres Drive for the two days. Orchard Lane residents will be asked to park their vehicles along the shoulder of Donegan Road to the west for the two-day period. Anyone with special needs may contact the city of Glenwood Springs Engineering Department at 384- 6435 for special arrangements. The city of Glenwood Springs and Heyl Construction would like to thank everyone for their patience during this project.Sabrina Harris is transportation manager for the city of Glenwood Springs.

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