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‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ a delightful political tale

Four of Four Suns

Fan-freaking-tastic. This film should be on everyone’s to-do list. It has classic actors, including Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who catapult this political story into a memorable experience.

Based on the book by George Crile, “Charlie Wilson’s War” is about Congressman Charlie Wilson, a Texas-bred politician with questionable morals and a scotch problem, who is credited with almost single-handedly winning the Cold War.

Hanks plays him beautifully and in the process reminds us why personal lives are not worth voting over. And of course there are his four lovely assistants whom he fondly refers to as “jail bait,” and includes the always delightful Amy Adams (“Enchanted”).

The real gem in this particular movie is the humor. Hoffman’s character is a bitter CIA agent who is drab while being unbelievably cheeky in a way that only he can pull off. If you do not like Hoffman after this film, you should not be allowed near a theater.

One of Four suns

The tagline for this film is “How often do you find the right person?” I think it should be “Why should I care if you find the right person?”

It was disappointing to the last possible moment, when you know the love story will not work out. And besides, a music movie should never be about a people trying to be musicians. That is like Hillary Duff’s “Raise Your Voice” or Brittany’s “Crossroads.” We are aware that you think you can sing, so stop trying to convince us.

There are a lot of people who will be angry with this assessment of “Once,” but I have no condolences for you; this movie was awful. It gets one sun only because the actor’s voice was tolerable, so maybe this director will do more next time.

Being a movie person, when my sister asked me for this film for Christmas, I naturally could not deny her. Although I had not seen it in years, I sat down and watched it with her the other day.

This is a true masterpiece, and exactly what a music movie should be.

While the characters do not sing, the soundtrack is as much a part of the action as the people themselves. Do yourself a little emotional good and rent this one again.

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