Cheney skewed Iraq poll results |

Cheney skewed Iraq poll results

Sue Gray

Dear Editor,

More deception from the White House. Vice President Cheney on “Meet the Press” deliberately skewed the results of a recent Zogby International poll to make the case that Iraqis are happy with the U.S. occupation and moving toward American-style democracy.

Pollster John Zogby reacted; “I was floored to see the spin that was put on it; some of the numbers were not my numbers at all.”

According to Cheney, “Over 60 percent of Iraqis polled said they want the U.S. to stay for at least another year.” But the poll results showed that 65.5 percent want the United States to leave in one year or less.

Cheney reported that “the U.S. wins hands down” when Iraqis were asked which model of government they would prefer. Actually only 23 percent of Iraqis said they would like to model their new government after the United States, as opposed to 73.5 percent for other models.

Cheney said, “If you ask them do they want an Islamic government established, by 2:1 margins they say ‘no.'” The poll revealed that 73 percent preferred a government guided by Sharia (Islamic law). Only 21 percent preferred a “secular democracy.” So Cheney is either very bad at math or an outright liar.

Half of all Iraqis interviewed say the United States will hurt Iraq over the next five years. Only 36 percent say the U.S. will help. How does it feel to know that your government officials continue to lie to you while you are footing the bill for an unpopular occupation?

Sue Gray


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