Chickens work together to find a better world |

Chickens work together to find a better world

Dear Editor,

I have a story to tell; a happy little farm fable:

One day Little Chicken was clucking around the chicken coop when she discovered a small hole forming under the fence. Little Chicken was intrigued by the hole and stuck her head through it. On the other side was an amazing world of space and freedom. Unlike her home it had no limitations like fences or gates. Little chicken thought it would be really nice to live in such a world, so she began to dig at the hole.

While she was digging, Momma Chicken came up and said, “Little Chicken, what are you doing!? You know us chickens can’t leave the coop! If we did the terrible wolf that lives outside would surely eat us up!” Startled, Little Chicken quit digging, and went on pecking at bugs on the ground for the rest of the day. But the more Little Chicken thought about what was on the other side of the fence, the more she wanted to experience life outside of the coop. She began to get angry; “That wolf can’t keep me from my freedom!” Little Chicken finally decided.

Later that night, after all the other chickens had gone to sleep, Little Chicken tip-toed over to the hole in the fence, and dug and dug and dug until she could fit all the way through. With a push and a grunt she was on the other side. She could see nothing but juicy bugs and soft grass ahead of her. She began to run about and play and just as she was enjoying her freedom the most, she heard a low growl: “What is a little chicken like you doing outside of its coop?” asked the wolf. “Are you here to be my dinner?” Little Chicken looked at the terrible wolf with big scared eyes; indeed it was a Rough Tough Mean wolf. Before the wolf could pounce, Little Chicken scrambled back into the coop.

The next day, Little Chicken told all the other chickens in the coop about her adventure. “It’s not fair that that Really Terrible Monster has control over the whole farm!” cried Little Chicken. “But we’re just chickens,” responded the other chickens. “But look how many of us there are,” Little Chicken yelled back at the hundreds of chickens questioning him. “There’s only one Rough Tough Mean wolf!” After describing how wonderful the free world outside the chicken coop was, Little Chicken had all the others convinced that they should stand up together and demand their freedom.

That night all 800 chickens huddled by the hole. Some even dug other holes. When the time was right, Little Chicken popped through the hole into the open air. Staring right back at him were those same Rough Tough Mean eyes that had stared at him the night before. The wolf scooped up Little Chicken in his mouth and swallowed her with a single gulp. “Stupid little chicken!” the wolf growled, feeling very satisfied with himself. But before the wolf could react, hundreds of chickens surrounded him. The wolf made a mad dash for the woods.

Hearing all the commotion, the farmer looked out of the window and, as the Rough Tough Mean wolf ran off, he yelled, “Cluck on little chickens! There’s a better world out there!” Never again did the farmer worry about locking his chickens up.

Cisco Tharp

Glenwood Springs

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