Circumventing a vote of the people unwise |

Circumventing a vote of the people unwise

Gary Hershoren

Dear Editor,

The 3/14/03 issue of the PI quotes a city official (a high official, too), when referencing the possible construction of a city golf course, as saying that the city could get money from certificates of participation, or COPs, a mechanism for borrowing millions of dollars without a vote of the people.

Was that really his suggestion? Mr. Masse, the author of the article, is certainly not known for inaccurate reporting, as witnessed by his frequent front page bylines in the PI. Now, why would anyone, in this city, want to circumvent a vote-of-the-people? I would certainly hope that the millions of dollars borrowed, without a vote of the people, would also be respected by the loaner of the funds and not expect the people to repay the loan.

But, even with all of that, did I also read city and golf course in the same sentence? Now I think I know how Alice must have felt when going through the Looking Glass: very confused! For months (and even years) I’ve read about, drought, drought emergency, water restrictions, fire alert, fire emergency, fire! Snowpack, lack of snowpack, more drought, drought emergency . fire! I’m sure you get the idea. I think I also now know what a schizophrenic must feel like.

Gary Hershoren

Glenwood Springs

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