Clarifying stance on illegals getting driver’s licenses |

Clarifying stance on illegals getting driver’s licenses

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

I prefer not to use an individual’s name in my letters, but Rene Mendoza leaves me no option since she seems to be so confused concerning a letter I wrote about giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

First of all, of course you can buy a gun without a driver’s license. But it is illegal to do so.

You cannot get a U.S. passport if you are illegal. If you are here illegally, you probably do not have a passport from anywhere, otherwise why would you sneak across the border?

You can learn to fly in many countries. But you can not fly a U.S.-certified aircraft without a U.S. license. The Sept. 11 hijackers were illegals, and they went to a U.S. flight school. You cannot learn to fly an airplane on a PC flight simulator. Get real.

Concerning the vote, in 2000, just days before the national elections, illegals living in California were mailed a flyer by the Democratic National Committee urging them to vote. In fact, it insinuated that they could do so legally. I wonder how many actually did? Smart, huh?

Do I want illegals to buy a driver’s license in California? Hell no. But it can be done. An alternative is to buy a false birth certificate, which then will get you the Matricula Consular card, and now with your two IDs, you can apply and get a California driver’s license.

It’s illegal. Do you get it now?

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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