Clients say doctor is ‘so much more than a chiropractor’ |

Clients say doctor is ‘so much more than a chiropractor’

Meet Your Merchant
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO
Dr. Eileen Macfarlane and Frosty

I am a chiropractor and intuitive body worker. This means that I address headaches, low back pain, neck pain, numbness in hands or feet, carpal tunnel injuries and many other spinal or pinched nerve issues, but I also focuses on nutrition and recovery from stress and fatigue. I can provide nurturing care for chronic or acute conditions and help with looking at the many layers of a health issue that may have been overlooked.

I am also a certified animal chiropractor. Our office asks that you contact your veterinarian for a referral if you are interested in bringing your pet in for a chiropractic treatment. Horses are part of my clientele, too.

My chiropractic techniques are applied kinesiology, activator and diversified. I also practice cranial sacral therapy, which is an excellent treatment for head injuries, headaches, chronic sinus pain and fatigue.

After I graduated from chiropractic college I took a four-year course in intuitive healing work at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I now split my days with my chiropractic work and scheduling relaxing hands-on energetic healing appointments for my clients as well.

My clients have always said, “You are so much more than a chiropractor to me.” I love to work with my clients on the cause of their health issue and interface with their medical doctor if they wish.

I would say that what sets me apart is the depth of connection that I create with my clients. I am interested in helping on as many levels as I can. I am an intuitive health provider, and if my client wishes I can do energetic healing work with them as well as chiropractic.

I am a gentle chiropractor. Children love being adjusted at my office. I am the perfect doctor for anyone afraid of being adjusted. I think another skill of mine is the ability to show people how an adjustment can help them be stronger in about three minutes. I like to show the client why something will help them. I also love to include exercises that they can do to improve their condition.

I am also very skilled at helping people get rid of fatigue. This is my nutritional training.

During 2008 many businesses closed in Evergreen, where I practiced for 20 years. I actually did better than the previous year because I decided to focus on reinventing myself and adding more techniques and services. I took classes in the cold laser and in detoxification. I purchased an ionic detox foot bath, which is a tool for clearing inflammation and for detoxification. I feel listening with ears that hear and looking with eyes that see helps one become a better doctor and perhaps more recession resistant.

I look for people who are talented in their field but also are heart-centered. I enjoy honesty and open communication and hire people who truly want to serve others. I feel that we all have so much to offer our clients.

I hope to create a foundation of clients that enjoy the kind of health support that I can provide. I truly thrive on a family-type practice. I hope to serve the horse, dog and cat population through chiropractic also. I am looking forward to being an integral part of the community. I would like to volunteer for an animal shelter or therapeutic riding facility and help the animals in these programs.

I enjoy all the people that I am meeting. I love the support from Darcy and Heather at the Basalt Chamber. I love the support for my own health with taking yoga at the Bikram yoga studio on Two Rivers Road right next door to my office. I am in heaven working in an office that has a back door to the Roaring Fork River.

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