Clinton wins Nevada; Trump takes S. Carolina |

Clinton wins Nevada; Trump takes S. Carolina

Hillary Clinton overcame a strong challenge from Bernie Sanders to win the Nevada Democratic caucuses Saturday, while South Carolina voters gilded Donald Trump’s status as front-runner in a Republican contest that knocked Jeb Bush out of the race.

In South Carolina, Trump, the New York billionaire, staved off mainstream party rivals as well as the Iowa winner, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, to advance a high-flying campaign that seemed improbable from the start but no longer.

In his wake, Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio competed fiercely for second, outdistancing opponents whose rationale for staying in the race came starkly into question.

Among them: Former Florida Gov. Bush, once a presumed favorite for the nomination, bowed to reality and suspended his campaign — a step that means it’s over for him and the family that gave the country two presidents will not give it a third in 2016.

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