Clumsy Canadians crash Carbondale |

Clumsy Canadians crash Carbondale

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado Celtic? Cowboy? Pop? Its hard to explain exactly what The Clumsy Lovers do. But listening to them is certainly a fun, upbeat time.Thats the name of the game, explained lead singer Trevor Rogers.Rogers, 39, was sitting in a Vancouver recording studio where he and his fellow Lovers were laying down a few tracks. He was friendly and totally low-key, getting ready to hop a plane for the upcoming bout of touring. Come Monday and Sunday, his group will be loving this valley

Oh, boy, I guess my mom was an organist at the church, and my big brother was in band.

Yeah, I guess you get to express yourself. Yeah, I think being able to express yourself and tell stories, you know, between songs.

Yeah, theres lots of variety. I think thats what it is. Its never dull. Every day theres something different happening, and thats pretty special, you know, in a job.

I guess being away from family and friends. Its not so bad lately, but in the past you missed a lot of weddings and parties and birthdays and milestone in peoples lives because we were away so much.

Well, it goes back a long time. When we were more of a Celtic band, we had a bagpipe player, and we used to play a song called The Clumsy Lover … and we just took that as the name. Yeah, nothing too interesting. We always said we should have a good story there, but no, thats the facts. Thats just the name of the song.

Its a mixture of bluegrass and Celtic and rock n roll and folk, and theres lots of improvising, lots of sort of going back and forth between the genres.

A lot of times, I want to know that its sounding good up front, because, basically I want to make a good impression, and I want it to sound good. I wouldnt say I get nervous, but I just want to make sure that its not too loud, its not too quiet and everybody is comfortable in the audience. And then I just concentrate on the music after that.

I think when things are going really well, youre in the moment, for sure. And, you know, if youve got something on your mind, you know, you might dwell on that a little bit, but for me I find thats the beauty of this job is that you are able to be more in the moment. Your cares just kind of disappear once you start to play.

Just maybe an escape from reality for a little while, entertainment value and, yeah, basically, it all sounds so clich, but basically a good time. You know, have them want to come back another time or travel to see us. You know, we have lots of supporters of the band who travel to different towns and see us, and weve known a lot of them for ten years now.

I would just like it to keep going, because it has become such a part of our lives. It would be very strange to not have it there anymore. But Id say our dream is to keep doing what were doing and hopefully play for, you know, bigger audiences. Thats always the goal.

Oh boy, I guess it would be, as a person, it would be family, friends. As an artist, I guess you just want your music to be heard by people and you want to enjoy it yourself. I guess that when push comes to shove, you want to make sure that youre enjoying the music that youre putting out.

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