Colorado’s propane supply boosted after disaster declaration |

Colorado’s propane supply boosted after disaster declaration

DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s propane supply is increasing just days after the governor issued a disaster declaration temporarily easing transportation restrictions.

Colorado Pipeline Association executive director Dan Binning told The Denver Post Friday the state is already seeing a supply increase, making it unlikely shortages will occur.

During the past three weeks, several in-state suppliers had production problems and began trucking in propane from other states.

Gov. John Hickenlooper issued a disaster emergency Dec. 24 allowing commercial drivers to drive more than 11 hours and to spend more than 14 hours working in a day. It runs through Jan. 8.

Rules that prohibit ill or fatigued drivers from working are still in effect.

Binning says in-state suppliers are back online, although they might not be at full capacity. Propane is used for home heating and cooking, mostly in rural areas.

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