Come to school to study, ask questions |

Come to school to study, ask questions

Olesya Bufan

It’s Feb. 22 on a big calendar on the wall in my room. It means that my great experience is coming closer and closer to the end. And there are so many – common for you, but strange for me – things around that I just have to tell you about.First of all, school: The education in our countries is very different, but I got used to it and found a lot of things I like. But still, there are a few things for which there are no explanation or understanding in my head.For example, why in every other class do I hear a question, “For what?” A teacher will explain a new equation, and for sure somebody will ask “For what do we need it?” And the teacher has to find an example from real life.That new equation might be just a little step to a real math, which is itself very exciting with its magnificent power of numbers and letters.After you’ve understood the rules and laws, and know how it works, then, in everyday life, you will find examples and according to your knowledge, will easily solve it.It’s just a math example, but the question “For what?” can be heard in every class: after reading a new novel, practicing grammar rules or doing lab.If somebody asked a question like that in my Ukrainian school, a teacher would just laugh. Because the answer is clear, every first-grader knows it. You come to school to study, to get new knowledge, which you will use in the future. You never know what will happen in the next five to 10 years, so without questions, you try to learn as much as possible. It will not bring you any harm, that’s for sure, but help is very possible.That’s the way we Ukrainians think; maybe there are some pluses in your opinion, too. I guess that it might be more practical, but I will never agree with that.So, here are two different attitudes to one issue – education, and it’s all yours, for your discussion.Olesya Bufan is a student at Rifle High School.

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