Commissioners hear solar garden proposal for Garfield County |

Commissioners hear solar garden proposal for Garfield County

Microgrid Energy, a Denver-based company with commercial and industrial solar energy projects throughout the United States, is looking for opportunities to establish more community solar in Garfield County.

The company has identified several locations in the county to put in solar gardens.

Garfield County Facilities Director Frank Coberly presented Microgrid’s proposal to the county commissioners at a Tuesday work session. Commissioners asked county staff to vet the proposal.

Microgrid’s proposal calls for 17 metered solar grids throughout Garfield County, seven at the Garfield County Fairgrounds, three at the landfill west of Rifle, and one at the County Administration Building in Rifle, among others.

Coberly said the county’s first year offset is projected at 8.81 percent for $6,139 in savings, with a five-year projection at 14.8 percent for $11,462 in savings and the 10-year projection at 21.8 percent for $19,149 in savings.

Garfield County will spend approximately $1.8 million in electric utilities over the next 20 years, with the estimated total the county could save by switching to solar at approximately $417,366, he said.

Commissioners will wait to hear a follow up report from staff after it further vets the proposal, before making any decisions to proceed.

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