Community Partner program can help cut traffic during bridge detour |

Community Partner program can help cut traffic during bridge detour

Tom Newland

What can we do as a community to support efforts to decrease vehicle trips during the Grand Avenue bridge detour, which is to start in August?

Answer: Pledge to be a Community Partner.

We have a huge challenge ahead as a community. Our charge, communitywide, is to reach a goal of decreasing traffic by 25 percent — or 400-600 vehicles per hour — during peak times to ease congestion along the detour route.

During the 95-day detour, traffic impacts and delays will span from the Interstate 70 Exit 114 interchange to 27th Street. Motorists should expect slower-than-normal speeds throughout the detour route.

Monday through Friday during peak hours (6-9 a.m. and 3:30-7:30 p.m.), considerable delays and substantially increased travel times are anticipated. During off-peak hours, delays in addition to normal travel times are anticipated.

You will be hearing about several ways this reduction is going to take place, such as mode shifting from single occupant to transit, employer incentive programs and decreasing individual vehicle trips.

Today, I want to highlight one programmatic initiative: The Community Partner Pledge.

What is a Community Partner Pledge?

A Community Partner is a public agency, private business or individual that can provide some type of community asset for the greater good during the detour.

For example, are you a small business that has extra parking that can be used for a park and carpool? Are you a business that can provide incentives for riding your bike to your location? Are you a church that operates vans not in use during the week that would be willing to share with employers to create vanpool?

Do you have an extra room in your house for a working mom who can’t make it to an 8 a.m. appointment? Do you have extra parking spaces at your business that can be used as a gathering location?

Get creative, let us know what asset you are willing to pledge. “Working together” is one of our slogans for the detour campaign, and it couldn’t be more necessary. Organizations and individuals able to contribute will be eligible to be featured on bridge detour communications and mapping.

Please email your pledge to: and we will list you as a Community Partner.

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