Complete election results for Garfield County |

Complete election results for Garfield County

Following are complete election results for Garfield County:Presidential ElectorsRep-Bush/Cheney, 10,937 votes, 53.83 percent of votesDem-Kerry/Edwards, 9,077 votes, 44.67 percent of votesLib-Badnarik/Campagna, 96 votes, .47 percent of votesGrn-Cobb/Lamarche, 18 votes, .09 percent of votesCf-Nader/Camejo, 142 votes, .70 percent of votesAc-Peroutka/Baldwin, 14 votes, .07 percent of votesCop-Amondson/Pletten, 6 votes, .03 percent of votesAndress/Deasy, 3 votes, .01 percent of votesS-Brown/Hollis, 5 votes, .02 percent of votesP-Dodge/Lydick, 0SW-Harris/Trowe, 1 vote, 0 percent of votesSE-Van Auken/Lawrence, 3 votes, .01 percent of votesWrite-In- 16 votes, .08 percent of votesU.S. SenatorRep-Peter Coors, 9,714 votes, 48.12 percent of votesDem-Ken Salazar, 9,834 votes, 48.71 percent of votesCf-Victor Good, 96 votes, .48 percent of votesAc-Douglas Campbell, 284 votes, 1.41 percent of votesLib-Richard Randall, 108 votes, .53 percent of votesInd-John R. Harris, 123 votes, .61 percent of votesFinn Gotaas, 25 votes, .12 percent of votesWrite-In-3 votes, .01 percent of votesU.S. Representatives Dist. 3Rep-Greg Walcher, 9,879 votes, 49.94 percent of votesDem-John Salazar, 9,232 votes, 46.67 percent of votesJim Krug, 669 votes, 3.38 percent of votesUniversity of Colorado Regent at LargeDem-Jennifer Mello, 7,880 votes, 45.04 percent of votesRep-Steve Bosley, 8,626 votes, 49.31 percent of votesLib-Daniel Ong, 988 votes, 5.65 percent of votesState Senate Dist. 8Dem-Jay Fetcher, 8,631 votes, 49.47 percent of votesRep-Jack Taylor, 8,815 votes, 50.53 percent of votesState Representative Dist. 57Rep-Al White, 3,937 votes, 67.02 percent of votesDem-Sam Robinson, 1,937 votes, 32.98 percent of votesState Representative Dist. 61Rep-Becky Rippy, 6,426 votes, 47.81 percent of votesDem-Kathleen Curry, 6,671 votes, 49.64 percent of votesLib-Dale F. Reed, 343 votes, 2.55 percent of votesCounty Commissioner Dist. 2Dem-Greg Jeung, 9,635 votes, 49.41 percent votesRep-John Martin, 9,864 votes, 50.59 percent of votesCounty Commissioner Dist. 3Dem-Keith Lambert, 9,143 votes, 47.78 percent of votesRep-Larry McCown, 9,993 votes, 52.22 percent of votesBallot QuestionsBallot Question 1ARFTA, unincorporated Garfield CountyYes-3,417 votes, 39.38 percent of votesNo-5,259 votes, 60.62 percent of votesBallot Question 2A, RFTA, SiltYes-374 votes, 45.17 percent of votesNo-454 votes, 54.83 percent of votesBallot Question 2B, Silt, lodging taxYes-349 votes, 41.8 percent of votesNo-486 votes, 58.2 percent of votesBallot Question 2C, Rifle, lodging taxYes-1,261 votes, 47.62 percent of votesNo-1,387 votes, 52.38 percent of votesBallot Question 2D, RFTA, New CastleYes-587 votes, 52.32 percent of votesNo-535 votes, 47.68 percent of votesBallot Question 2E, Glenwood, traffic congestion managementYes-1,809 votes, 48.96 percent of votesNo-1,886 votes, 51.04 percent of votesBallot Question 2F, Glenwood SpringsFinancing various transportation projectsYes-2,054 votes, 55.27 percent of votesNo-1,662 votes, 44.73 percent of votesBallot Question 2G, Glenwood SpringsAmend municipal charterYes-2,891 votes, 83.31 percent of votesNo-579 votes, 16.69 percent of votesBallot Question 2H, SiltReimburse Kum & Go for sales tax revenueYes-358 votes, 43.5 percent of votesNo-465 votes, 56.5 percent of votesBallot Question 2I, Parachute term limitsYes-75 votes, 35.21 percent of votesNo-138 votes, 64.79 percent of votesBallot Question 3ARoaring Fork School District Re-1 tax increaseYes-6,383 votes, 66.48 percent of votesNo-3,219 votes, 33.52 percent of votesBallot Question 3BRoaring Fork School District Re-1 renovating, new buildingsYes-5,539 votes, 58.69 percent of votesNo-3,898 votes, 41.31 percent of votesBallot Override Question 3CGarfield County School District Re-2mill levy increaseYes-4,225 votes, 54.03 percent of votesNo-3,595 votes, 45.97 percent of votesBallot Question 4BRFTA tax increase for Glenwood/CarbondaleYes-3,102 votes, 54.73 percent of votesNo-2,566 votes, 45.27 percent of votesBallot Question 4CDebeque fire protection, organizedYes-20 votes, 74.07 percent of votesNo-7 votes, 25.93 percent of votesBallot Question 4DDebeque fire protection, tax increaseYes-16 votes, 57.14 percent of votesNo-12 votes, 42.86 percent of votesBallot Question 4EDebeque fire protection, if approved 4C then collect, retain and expend revenuesYes-16 votes, 57.14 percent of votesNo-12 votes, 42.86 percent of votesAmendmentsAmendment 34, Construction liabilityYes-4,708 votes, 24.63 percent of votesNo-14,406 votes, 75.37 percent of votesAmendment 35, Tobacco tax increaseYes-12,280 votes, 62.72 percent of votesNo-7,299 votes, 37.28 percent of votesAmendment 36, Selection of residential electorsYes-7,963 votes, 41.77 percent of votesNo-11,101 votes, 58.23 percent of votesAmendment 37Renewable energy requirementYes-11,343 votes, 59.37 percent of votesNo-7,763 votes, 40.63 percent of votesReferendaReferendum A, State personnel systemYes-6,240 votes, 36.76 percent of votesNo-10,735 votes, 63.24 percent of votesReferendum BObsolete constitutional provisionsYes-12,121 votes, 69.04 percent of votesNo-5,435 votes, 30.96 percent of votesDistrict Attorney 9th Judicial Dist.Rep-Colleen Truden, 14,446 votes, 100 percentCounty SurveyorRep-Scott Aibner, 14,219 votes, 100 percent of votesRetention of Appeals Court JudgesRetain Appeals Court Judge CaseboltYes-11,290 votes, 73.96 percent of votesNo-3,976 votes, 26.04 percent of votesRetain Appeal Court Judge GrahamYes-11,082 votes, 73.26 percent of votesNo-4,045 votes, 26.74 percent of votesRetain Appeals Court Judge RoyYes-11,069 votes, 73.28 percent of votesNo-4,037 votes, 26.72 percent of votesRetain Appeals Court Judge TaubmanYes-11,134 votes, 73.6 percent of votesNo-3,994 votes, 26.4 percent of votesRetain Appeals Court Judge WebbYes-10,837 votes, 74.53 percent of votesNo-3,704 votes, 25.47 percent of votes

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