Confessions of a closet burlesquer |

Confessions of a closet burlesquer

April E. Clark
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

I have a secret. OK, it’s not so much a secret as an infatuation I keep somewhat contained until I have an outlet to expose it. So far, this has only happened about once a year for me. And no, it’s not filing my taxes.

Think the opposite of infatuation there.

I am in love with burlesque. There, I said it. The secret is out. She is on my mind a lot lately. Burlesque waits for me to take her stage and tap dance my way into a crowd filled with laughter and frivolity. She quietly calls for me in a seductive whisper that only woman, or man, with the guts to don a corset in public can hear.

I am her muse.

When I talk about burlesque, some people may know exactly to what I’m referring. Others may not have a clue what burlesque is. They may even think it’s a bad word. I prefer the technical definition when describing it. Burlesque’s meaning is often taken out of context because of its seductive nature and risque costuming. Actually, the French word means comical.

I like to think I have that covered.

Burlesque is defined as, “A literary or dramatic work that ridicules a subject either by presenting a solemn subject in an undignified style or an inconsequential subject in a dignified style. It also means, “A ludicrous or mocking imitation.”

Who doesn’t love a little mockery every now and again?

My first burlesque claim-to-fame moment came about last summer, in the first “Viva la Woman” burlesque performances in Carbondale. The first night was so much of a hit, our second night sold out. One of my characters, April O’BonBon, was a silly tap-dancing, peanut-selling vendor who invited unsuspecting subjects from the audience on to the stage so she could try out for her big break into stardom. Last I heard, she’s not going to Hollywood or New York City anytime soon. Rumor has it Ms. O’BonBon will make her triumphant return to the Carbondale stage this weekend with a new shtick. Hey, 15 minutes of fame is 15 minutes of fame.

No matter where it is.

It is no secret I like to make people laugh. I know that’s why I’m on here on this Earth. As I grow older, I think about my life’s purpose quite often. I ponder it, maybe more than I should. I do know that if I can put at least one smile per day on a person’s face – sometimes I go big and shoot for three smiles on three faces, or three smiles on one face – I am fulfilling my life’s purpose. Sure, there are plenty of people who aspire to cure cancer or solve the world’s most difficult math problem. I can’t imagine I’ll do either of those things in my lifetime.

I’ll stick with making people smile.

Yes, it is true that burlesque can be racy and a little on the wild side for folks who get nervous around women, or men, in corsets and feather boas. But I live by somewhat of a free-bird mentality.

This may or may not be a reference to the 1970’s Lynyrd Skynyrd hit.

Not only am I a free bird most people cannot change, unless forced, but I am also an odd bird. I like putting on tap shoes and pretending I’m Eleanor Powell. I like to request songs from the DJ – like “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard – that were popular before most people at the club were born.

That song came out in 1987, by the way.

I like the 1940s – the Big Band music, the ladies’ hats, the Victory Rolls and the stockings with black stripes down the back. I am old-fashioned like that. I also like female comics and watching “Saturday Night Live,” every season no matter the cast, famous or not. I like sleeping in socks because my feet are like two size-6 icicles at night. I even like being stuffed in a corset even though it technically was invented to create an hourglass figure, which I definitely do not have.

Unless the hourglass is wider at the top and has bird-like legs for a base.

What I really like, though, is putting on a show for people that will make them laugh. That’s why I’m so infatuated with burlesque. We need more laughter in this world, and I know a few good women to do it. Through burlesque, we can even bring a little shock and awe to the world that has nothing to do with bombs.

Just as long as the jokes don’t bomb.

– April E. Clark is not afraid of the big bad corset. She will appear in one at PAC3 in Carbondale Thursday through Saturday. She can be reached at

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