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Editor’s note: The following information comes from official police and sheriff’s department incident reports. Arrests merely indicate an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless found guilty in court.

Vicodin – Police responded to Target’s pharmacy for a report of prescription fraud. They believe Kimberly Ann Godeski, 34, was attempting to obtain Vicodin with a fraudulent prescription. She was arrested on suspicion of fraud and deceit.High school fight – Police answered a report of a fight at Glenwood Springs High School. Two 15-year-old males were cited for fighting.Trespass – Police answered a report of trespassing at the First Choice Inns. They arrested Karen Leigh Cooper, 44, on suspicion of trespassing.DUI – Police stopped a driver they believe was unable to keep his vehicle in its own lane. They arrested Carlos Velazquez Dominguez, 35, on suspicion of DUI and failure to drive in a single lane.DUI – Police stopped a vehicle after a passenger threw a cigarette butt out a window. They believe the driver failed a voluntary roadside test and showed signs of intoxication. Police arrested Pamela Joy Murphy, 55, on suspicion of DUI and littering.DUI – Police responded to an accident. The driver determined to be at fault, Jason Paul Miller, 32, was arrested for DUI, careless driving, driving under restraint and failure to provide proof of insurance.Harassment – Police went to Valley View Hospital after a patient reported two people threatened to beat him up and kill him. Jesus Camunez De La Rosa, 22, and Felix De La Rosa, 29, were both arrested on suspicion of harassment.Domestic disturbance – Police answered a report of domestic violence. They arrested Oscar NMN Terriquez, 32, on suspicion of criminal mischief and false reporting to authorities.Assault – Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a residence. They believe Mitchell Wayne Vigil, 38, hit another man in the face. He was arrested on suspicion of assault.Assault – Police answered a report of possible domestic violence at a residence. They arrested Uriel Colunga Salas, 38, on suspicion of assault.Vicious Animal – Police answered a report at Valley View Hospital of a dog bite to a child’s face. Susan Marie Clark, the owner, was issued a vicious animal citation.Suspended license – Police stopped a driver they believe has a suspended license. They cited Debra Ann Blain, 42, with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under restraint. Mary E Peacock, 31, was cited with driving under restraint. Police said they contacted the second driver after stopping the first.Feeding of wildlife – Someone on Bennett Avenue was issued a warning for violating the city’s bear ordinance regarding proper disposal of trash.

Immigration – A man came to the police department to secure the release of his impounded vehicle. Police believe Jose G. Hernandez Rivas, 36, was in the country illegally, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement took him into custody.Dirt bike – Police stopped a man they believe was intoxicated while riding on a dirt bike. They arrested James Kramp, 29, on suspicion of DUI.DUI – Police stopped a vehicle they believe was weaving. They arrested Gerald Brun, 79, on suspicion of DUI.Bar check – Police contacted Kevin Kuersten, 24, during a bar check and arrested him on an outstanding warrant. Police also arrested Gina Thurber, 22, on an outstanding warrant during a bar check the same night.Domestic disturbance – Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a residence. They arrested Terry Dean Boyden on suspicion of domestic violence and harassment.Domestic disturbance – Police answered a report of a domestic disturbance. They arrested Michael Walter, 47, on suspicion of domestic violence, assault, violation of a protection order and driving under restraint.After hours – Police contacted a vehicle in Deerfield Park after hours parked with one wheel on the curb. They cited Jose Chavez Navarro, 27, with unlawful possession of a schedule two controlled substance, DUI and compulsory insurance. They cited Nathan Cook, 19, with underage possession or consumption of alcohol.

Stabbing – Garfield County Deputies responded to a report of a stabbing. A man said he was stabbed in the chest while getting a ride home from someone he didn’t know. The man said he jumped from the vehicle and went to a friend’s house. The incident is under investigation, with a possible charge listed as attempted first-degree murder.Post Independent, Glenwood Springs Colorado CO

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