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Editor’s note: The following information comes from official police and sheriff’s department incident reports. Arrests merely indicate an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless found guilty in court.

July 16: Noise ” Police contacted a vehicle for a loud stereo and cited Austin Deane Wren, 19, of Glenwood Springs, with a noise violation.

July 16: Marijuana ” Police contacted a young man smoking a cigarette to verify his age. They conducted a routine check for warrants and discovered an active one from Rifle for failure to appear on a traffic offense. Police arrested Joseph Duane Cerise, 18, of New Castle, on the warrant and suspicion of underage possession or consumption of alcohol and possession of marijuana.

July 16: Clothing theft ” Police were dispatched to a clothing store for a report of a shoplifter. They cited Dawniece Leanne Bicknell, 21, of Glenwood Springs, with petty theft.

July 15: DUI ” Police stopped a vehicle suspected of weaving. They arrested Blakely Adam Dart, 31, of Kansas, on suspicion of weaving and DUI.

July 15: Bicycle DUI ” Police responded to a report of a bicycle accident. They cited Steve Charles Jay, 23, of Glenwood Springs, with DUI.

July 14: Under the tracks ” Police observed a man with a malt beverage along the driver trail. They cited Michael Dale Shannon, 53, of Glenwood Springs, with an open container violation.

July 14: Motorcycle DUI ” Police contacted a motorcycle driver suspected of weaving. They cited Byron Calvin, 43, with weaving and DUI.

July 13: DUI ” Police contacted a vehicle suspected of driving without headlights at night. They arrested Alberto Barax, 28, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of driving without headlights, DUI, driving without a license and possession of a schedule two controlled substance.

July 13: Underage alcohol ” Police contacted a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot and cited Mario Juarez Bustillos, 19, of Silt, with underage possession or consumption of alcohol.

July 13: Trespass ” Police observed a man urinating near the hot springs along the Colorado River known as “hot pots.” They cited Chester Pratt Hanson, 31, with trespassing.

July 10: Harassment ” Police responded to a dispute between roommates. They cited Glen Eric Connelly, 38, of Glenwood Springs, with harassment.

July 10: DUI ” Police stopped a vehicle suspected of driving without headlights at night. They cited Whitney Rose Roginski, 20, of Glenwood Springs, with underage possession or consumption of alcohol, DUI and driving without headlights.

July 10: DUI ” Police contacted a driver sleeping in a running vehicle on 19th Street. They cited Howard Allen Daniels, 45, of Glenwood Springs, with DUI.

July 10: Trespassing ” Police looked into a report of a man trespassing on the roof of a downtown restaurant. They cited Brian Patrick Mask Luce, 25, of Glenwood Springs, with trespassing.

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