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Editor’s note: The following information comes from official police and sheriff’s department incident reports. Arrests merely indicate an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless found guilty in court.

Sept. 7: False name ” Police contacted a man at a residence for a report of a possible burglary. They believe Jaime Jesus DeJesus Carrillo, 44, of Glenwood Springs, gave a false name. He was arrested on suspicion of false reporting to authorities.

Sept. 7: Warrant ” Police believe a man was drinking alcohol in public. They arrested Matias Meza Ventura, 56, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of an open container violation and for an active arrest warrant for failure to appear in court on a DUI charge.

Sept. 6: DUI ” Police pulled over a vehicle suspected of weaving. They arrested Stephen Nash Bingham, 34, of New Castle, on suspicion of DUI and weaving.

Sept. 6: Fighting ” Police responded to a disturbance report at a local bar. Security was holding a man who allegedly started a fight. Police arrested Jason G. Granato, 24, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of fighting and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sept. 5: Theft ” Police investigated a report of employees stealing from a business at the Glenwood Springs Mall. They arrested Michel Jimenes, 23, and Jesus Bernal Valentin, 36, both of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of theft and conspiracy to commit a felony. Police believe they stole items worth about $2,100.

Sept. 2: Illegal camping ” Police contacted a man suspected of illegal camping near the 800 block of Midland Avenue. They arrested Hal Cary Haralson, 47, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of illegal camping, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sept. 1: Neighborly dispute ” Police responded to a residence on the 1200 block of Pitkin Avenue for a report of one neighbor threatening another. They cited Aaron Byrd Mcpherson, 30, of Glenwood Springs, with harassment.

Sept. 1: Public urination ” Police cited Daniel J. Angelboro, 29, of Glenwood Springs, with excreting in a public place for allegedly urinating in the downtown area.

Aug. 31: DUI ” Police stopped a vehicle suspected of driving without headlights at night and having illegally tinted windows. They arrested Vaughn Aldo Gonzales, 39, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of DUI, unlawfully tinted windows, driving with a license under restraint, failure to use headlights when required and violation of a restraining order.

Aug. 31: Harassment ” Police responded to a motel for a report of domestic violence. They arrested Martin Casas Cancholo, 26, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of harassment.

Aug. 30: Child abuse ” Police answered a report of a vehicle stopped on Highway 6. They believe the driver was intoxicated and had three children in the car. Police arrested Sandy Valencia Cabludo, 34, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of impeding the flow of traffic, child abuse, DUI, violating child restraint provisions and driving without a valid license.

Aug. 30: Shoplifting ” Police investigated a report of shoplifting at a specialty store. They arrested Brendan Todd Hanson, 28, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of petty theft.

Aug. 30: DUI ” Police stopped a vehicle suspected of speeding. They arrested Jennifer Lynn Gannon, 22, of Glenwood Springs, on suspicion of DUI and speeding.

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