Cottonwood Pass confusion |

Cottonwood Pass confusion

Dear Editor,I’m disappointed that the GSPI staff doesn’t verify facts before putting articles in the newspaper. On Friday, Nov. 26, you reported that Cottonwood Pass was closed by CDOT. It’s not a state highway but a county road so Eagle/Garfield counties would be involved, not CDOT. The road was never closed as far as I know. We made the trip to Gypsum and back twice on Thanksgiving; around 10 a.m. and again around 10 p.m.On Sunday, Nov. 28, the GSPI reported that someone tried to take Cottonwood Pass on Thanksgiving but turned around due to bad roads and stranded cars. Our experience was different. The road wasn’t bad at all. One hill is narrow and steep, so travelers self-monitored, using cell phones. One person was at the top of the hill and let traffic go down. Then would stop the traffic so uphill traffic could go. It worked well. There was a bit of a wait to get up and down the hill but no cars were “stranded.” The road could certainly be improved to make in an easier bypass when I-70 is closed, but it worked quite well on this particular day. We had our family together on Thanksgiving, then returned my daughter to Gypsum so she could work on Friday.Please get your facts straight before putting articles in the paper.Kathi ArthurNew CastleZimmerman performance outstanding in state championshipDear Editor, As the proud grandfather of one of the 3A champion Rifle Bears football players, I watched every play in Saturday’s game and read every write up in Sunday’s papers. I saw something in the game that I didn’t read about in the news, but I bet that Sterling’s quarterback, Jeff Squier, would agree with my observation.Lineman Jeff Zimmerman was absolutely outstanding “going both ways” the entire game. He was in relentless pursuit of Squier on almost every pass attempt, creating many “hurries” and unproductive “scrambles.” Consequently, I made a special effort to find Jeff after the game and to express my compliments.As an “old” ex-quarterback from the “dark ages” – that was before face masks and gloves – I have always had great respect for the “unsung” linemen who really deserve a lot more credit than they receive. Congratulations, Jeff Zimmerman and all of you other Rifle linemen on offense who helped to make “it” happen, and, especially, to those of you on defense who prevented “it” from happening!Sincerely,Richard DoranParachute

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