County officials don’t want on-the-side vendors driving their fellow employees nuts |

County officials don’t want on-the-side vendors driving their fellow employees nuts

Salesmen and -women are finding fertile ground in local workplaces. People selling everything from candy and nuts to Girl Scout cookies to skin care products are familiar faces at local businesses. Such enterprises are often on-the-side-jobs for many who ply their wares to fellow employees. But the booming businesses are proving something of a problem in Garfield County offices.The problem has become so bad that county commissioners declared soliciting off-limits in its administrative offices in Courthouse Plaza, except during lunch breaks and after hours.For County Assessor Shannon Hurst, workplace selling is disrupting regular business.”The nut lady is putting all their stuff on counter; a guy comes in and sells roses and we have tamales … It’s become a huge disturbance because I only have one counter here in front, and it really slows down productivity. It includes not only people coming in but employees selling things,” she said.But Hurst doesn’t want to curtail it altogether.”It would be great if we could have it in a central location and the employees could use the break room to purchase things,” she added.In a memo to the county commissioners, Marian Clayton – County Clerk and Recorder Mildred Alsdorf’s assistant – said some vendors “go desk to desk, office to office during work hours.”In the clerk’s office, they come in and go back to the break room,” Clayton wrote.The county commissioners wrestled with the problem, debating whether to prohibit sales or allow them only at certain times during the workday.”It’s no problem if someone is selling Girl Scout cookies and puts it on a bulletin board and sells them after work,” said Commissioner Larry McCown. “But if they’re wandering around the building with their little nuts, we’re liable. I don’t think it’s appropriate.”The commissioners also agreed that their policy would apply strictly to their administrative offices.”If other elected officials want to follow suit, that’s up to them,” said Commissioner Trési Houpt.Contact Donna Gray: 945-8515, ext.

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