County to call on witness again |

County to call on witness again

Carrie Click

Garfield County likely will retain the same geologist who testified as an expert witness at EnCana’s gas seep violation to consult on a prospective hydrogeologic study.Geoffrey Thyne is a research associate professor of geology and geologic engineering at Colorado School of Mines in Golden. Commissioners on Monday told Garfield oil and gas auditor Doug Dennison to draw up a scope of work contract for Thyne. If Thyne’s contract, which is not to exceed $10,000, is approved, the professor will act as an expert consultant on a proposal the county is assembling for a meeting with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Oct. 25. The proposal recommends that the $371,000 EnCana was fined for a gas seep violation be used in all or part for a hydrogeologic study.”We told Doug to go ahead and put it all on paper, everything needed to get the project done, and to define a full scope of work (for Thyne),” said Commissioner John Martin. Thyne’s area of expertise is the study of water-rock interactions in a variety of geologic settings, including groundwater chemistry in arid and semiarid regions, petroleum geology, and geochemistry of tight gas sands.Garfield County commissioners are expected to receive a scope of work for the hydrogeologic study from Dennison at their Oct. 4 regular meeting, when they’ll vote whether to contract Thyne. Contact Carrie Click: 945-8515, ext.

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