Cow pies are OK |

Cow pies are OK

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to the letter in Aspen Daily News from David Krest of Carbondale.

I should wait for a rancher to write a letter to David Krest, but according to you, they are too busy destroying the range and polluting the water to bother.

You must be a real dude. I would rather call you something else but I am a lady. Unless you know what you are talking about, don’t write a letter like you did. Try talking to Bob Perry or any other rancher that has run cattle on the Forest Service for years and years.

There are very few cattlemen that would destroy a range that they depend on to feed their cattle during the summer. You are like the woman that thought the ranchers should pick up the cow pies so as not to make a mess on the mountain.

I do not think there are three times more cattle than people with all the foreigners that are coming into the United States.

My husband was a cowboy. We did our own cattle ourselves, but he rode for a ranch or an association for years. So I do know a little bit about it. I hope some rancher’s wife writes a letter to you to let you know that you do not know what you are writing about.

As far as killing deer and elk, they are diseased and if not destroyed would infect the whole herd.

Colorado depends on hunters from in and out of Colorado for large amount of money. So, they are taking care of the problem. I would rather step in a cow pie than I would all the dog poop on the walking trail (Hendrick Ranch for example).

Surely you can hike some place other than where cattle are. Watch out for the bulls. Might find one that will chase you or a cow with a small calf. That I would like to see. You might leave something on the mountain worse than a cow pie. Ha.

Mildred Baumli


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