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‘Crash’ causes heavy impact

Kimberly NicolettiSummit County Correspondent

Racism is ugly and heartbreaking. It comes in many styles and colors, and it affects everyone. In “Crash,” cultures collide. The movie tells stories of several groups of people imprisoned by racism in one form or another. And each form has one common denominator: fear.There’s the white woman who clutches onto her husband’s arm as two young, black men approach; the 5-year-old Mexican girl who sleeps under her bed for fear of getting shot; the white gun seller who accuses the Persian of being a terrorist, and the Persian who accuses everyone of cheating him; the black record executive who cowers to the white man; the white cop who harasses black women; and a host of other ordinary human beings dealing with brushes among different cultures.For me, the most intense story revolved around the white cop (Matt Dillon) who pulls over a black couple. The interaction causes a profound chain of events – to say more would be to ruin the impact. Dan’s was the portrayal of the Mexican family. My editor said the story of a young, innocent white cop who ends up in a bad situation impacted him.No matter who stands out for you – whether it’s the Korean man who sells his humanity; the young black men who have a great conversation at the beginning of the movie and play a prominent role throughout; the white woman whose house is big but whose life is empty; the Los Angeles police officers caught in their own struggles with good and bad; or the Mexican locksmith who questions his method of making his little girl feel safe – “Crash” will impact you hard.Just when you start feeling sympathetic for one character, he turns on you. When you hate another character, he shows his caring side. As the white racist cop says, “You think you know who you are. You have no idea.”The film demands audiences’ full attention. But as it switches back and forth between several stories, each unfolds seamlessly, without confusion or force.Each character stands out, both in physical appearance and personality – a tricky feat to pull off when you’re dealing with at least 20 distinct characters, each with his or her own reactions, feelings and behaviors.The experience offers a number of possibilities. You can walk out feeling pessimistic about the human race or you can witness how prejudice affects us all – whether we’re biased or not – and try to live more compassionately.But those are only two options. People respond all kinds of ways to the impact “Crash” creates.But those are only two options. People respond all kinds of ways to the impact “Crash” creates.

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