Craziness in Carbondale |

Craziness in Carbondale

Out there
Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Even in college, I was never much of a hedonist. I didn’t see the fun or point in going to bars or staying out all hours dancing. There was nothing there for me, I thought.

Then I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley.

I don’t know what changed, but now, every couple of months, I must let loose. The more I visit Carbondale, the more I feel that’s just what it was made for. Back in May, it felt right to see “Sex and the City” and then retire to the Pour House with my friends. There, we slung back the kind of cosmos that would put hair on your chest, and we giggled and flirted with the dudes in the bar. Truth be told, it was the most fun I’d had in months.

Let’s just say I was due for some more.

Last Friday, it was my friend’s birthday, and so we had to go out and celebrate. After some cake and food, we hit Carbondale hard, ending up at Phat Thai. Every Friday, you see, they hold this crazy, L.A.-style night of dancing, but it doesn’t start up until 10. I remember standing in the place and awkwardly waiting for people to finish up their noodles and rice, so we could get on the dance floor. I was nearly stone sober and wondering if this was even a good idea.

Then the music started up.

What began as a trickle of people on the floor soon became a flood. My friends were gyrating and swinging their hips all around me as the tunes pumped. I think, at first, I felt a little hesitant, not knowing if I could get swept away. And then I was off ” jumping and bumping into people around me. I raised my first and pounded it into the air to the beats of songs. I might have looked like a fool, but I didn’t feel self-conscious one bit. I felt sensuous and young and full of energy. Every time I looked over at my friend, the birthday girl, grinding near me, I just started smiling. Like everyone else in our little party, she looked so happy and uninhibited. Our freedom was unbelievably tasty.

Of course I’m leaving a lot out. With any time out on the town, there are embarrassments, regrets and the inevitable letdown the next day. These crazy nights are by no means perfect, but I feel parts of them can be. If you can let your worries and responsibilities go, if just for a few moments, who cares what it takes? Even if it means alcohol or dancing or someone cute hitting on you, isn’t that worth it?

Right now, I’m thinking yes.

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