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Owner: Liz Age: 1-1/2 years oldBreed: Muted CalicoWhats her story? She was imported from Chicago (like her owner), my cousin’s cat had 6 kittens and could not keep them. Her two brothers live in Carbondale with my Uncle.Any special meaning behind the name? Joone is (Former Post Independent photographer) Kara Pearson’s cat Cash, his girlfriendThree words that best describe her: Cuddly, Talkative, & FitShe will become the perfect pet when? She stops clawing Katy’s new sofaFavorite game & toy: She plays fetch like a dog & she loves real fur miceBest trick: She can flips in mid-air over and over againFavorite food: Purina dry food with meow mix drizzled on topBad habits? Climbing up the curtains & walking across the rodWhat did you give your pet for Christmas? catnip and sparkle ballsFavorite buddy? Me & Katy

Owner: If you ask Annie, she’ll claim Alyssa. If you ask Alyssa, she’ll claim Don, the landlord.Age: 12ishBreed: CalicoWhats her story? Annie lived in the same house for all of her furry life until one sad day when she moved with her owner to a new house. The new house came with two cats who were not interested in becoming three. Dejected and clawless, Annie exiled herself to the garage. Shortly thereafter, Alyssa (new inhabitant of Annie’s old house) heard of poor Annie’s story and suggested she be brought back. Now Annie is happy as ever in her old home and Alyssa has cat fur all over her new furniture.Any special meaning behind the name? I didn’t name her Annie, but did add the B. Nanners. It just adds flare. Three words that best describe her: furry, meowey, catShe will become the perfect pet when? She stops meowing incessantly and dusts herself off at the door Favorite game or toy: Catch that hand and spider catBest trick: Hiding from strangersFavorite food: Any wet food and the occasional live catchBad habits? Incessant meower, rolls in dirt, leaves muddy footprints on the newly painted wall below the window What did you give your pet for Christmas? Nothing, but she just ate a hummingbird that flew into our window, and she caught a baby rabbit last year so that keeps her on the naughty list. Favorite buddy? John (Alyssas boyfriend)

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