Crime Briefs: Man accused of drugging girlfriend unfamiliar with Rifle area |

Crime Briefs: Man accused of drugging girlfriend unfamiliar with Rifle area

On Sunday morning, Rifle police arrested a 55-year-old man accused of keeping a woman locked in his house and drugging her with tranquilizers.

Rifle police responded to a report of domestic violence and spoke to a 47-year-old Oklahoma woman they believed was a victim. They found her sitting in a local business “holding her hands around her neck,” according to an affidavit. “She appeared to be very frightened and initially did not wish to speak with me,” the officer reported.

The woman was not familiar with Rifle, but said she had been living in town; she was not sure at what address. “She continued to tremble as we spoke,” the officer wrote.

She told police that her boyfriend “keeps her locked inside their apartment the majority of the time.” The boyfriend “does not allow her to eat unless he provides the food to her. She does not get to communicate with family or friends without (him) being there to supervise it,” she said.

The boyfriend “punishes her if she eats,” she later told investigators. She said that he also “keeps all of her property so that if she leaves she has to come back…”

The day before, he had given her food. But she found smashed tranquilizer pills in it, she told officers. “She realized that he had been drugging her for a while now, because the pills explain why she sometimes sleeps at odd times,” according to the affidavit.

That morning, he had yelled at her and pulled her out of bed, the woman told police. “He told her that she needed to leave. As she walked down the hallway to gather her things, he threw something at her,” and she elbowed him in the head. “As a result, he grabbed her neck and hair and then began hitting her,” according to a report.

The woman was able to leave and head to a local business, owned by a woman she knew. “I noticed red marks on her lower right cheek. I noticed that her cheeks were sunken and that she appeared to not be well fed,” an officer report. He also noted injuries to her knees and her forearm.

Later, she told police that the man had been taking photos of her without clothes on while she slept. “She had woken up in a stupor and observed him taking photos of her as she was lying in bed naked,” according to an affidavit.

At the residence, the 55-year-old man told police that he told the woman to leave and that she hit him. He also wanted to know what the woman had told police, and he added that she had been taking his tranquilizers without his knowledge, according to investigators.

He was arrested on charges of felony second-degree assault, as well as misdemeanors of third-degree assault and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification. Domestic violence was also charged as a sentence enhancer.

Intoxicated man threatens girlfriend with gun

Garfield County deputies responded to reports of domestic violence at a residence outside of Silt on Wednesday evening.

Dispatch informed deputies that a man was threatening his girlfriend, “stating that he wanted to kill her and then kill himself,” according to an affidavit. During the call, dispatchers could hear a man screaming in the background. A minute later, dispatch learned that the man had a 9 mm handgun and that he kept grabbing a nearby rifle.

Before deputies arrived, the man had reportedly broken the woman’s phone and left the residence in a sedan.

The woman told deputies that earlier he was “intoxicated and high on marijuana, listening to music…While doing this he had started to get emotional. (She) stated that (he) said he was going to kill her and then himself. He also stated that he was going to kill everyone in Garfield County,” according to an affidavit.

While she could usually calm him down, on that night he wasn’t listening, she told deputies. The man grabbed the handgun that he kept stuffed in the couch cushions. He unloaded the gun and put it in his mouth, and he also pointed the handgun at her, though he knew it was unloaded, she reported.

During an argument, he had also pushed her, and “she hit him in the face because she was scared,” she told deputies.

Nearby, the 28-year-old man was pulled over, riding passenger in his mother’s car. He said the argument “all started because they were intoxicated at the residence, and (she) left to get beer while she was drunk.” When she came back he wasn’t giving her the attention she demanded, so she started hitting him. The man told deputies that she was off her medication. Deputies found the 28-year-old with two pistol magazines, one of them loaded.

He was arrested on felony menacing, as well as misdemeanors prohibited use of a weapon, obstruction of telephone service and violation of a restraining order. Domestic violence was also applied as a sentence enhancer.

Domestic violence ends in Taser fire

A 51-year-old woman in Battlement Mesa called authorities saying that a man “was intoxicated and threatening her” on Sunday. She reported that she had left the residence, but the man was still inside, breaking windows.

When the woman came to the residence, the man “started yelling at her about dating other people,” she reported. The two were no longer dating, but earlier were in a relationship.

The man “had pushed (her) up against a wall with his hand on her throat,” she said.

When deputies arrived, they could see the man inside the kitchen, yelling at them through a window. “He had repeatedly told them to stay away from him and the residence,” and when deputies told him to come outside, he told them that he had a gun, according to an affidavit. A deputy backed off from the house, and the man “came out of the residence again yelling that he had a gun.”

Deputies could see his hands were empty, and they trained their Tasers on him as he began approaching them. When they ordered him to stop he “took several steps back and reached into the back of his waistband…” Deputies told him to show his hands, but he kept reaching into his waistband. Deputies fired their Tasers, dropping him to the ground. The man later said that he didn’t have a gun, but was trying to provoke the deputies to shoot him.

He was arrested on felony menacing, misdemeanor harassment and misdemeanor obstructing a peace officer. Domestic violence was also applied as a sentence enhancer.

Suspicious storage unit uncovered with meth

Authorities arrested a 46-year-old woman in a drug case stemming from July, in which Rifle police found methamphetamine and other drugs in a storage unit.

In July, Rifle police were alerted to some suspicious activity at the storage building, with people accessing the units frequently and at odd hours, and hypodermic needles were found in the lot.

The suspected unit was primarily accessed by a 46-year-old woman, whose last known address was the Parachute Inn.

After K9 units hit in the area, and after getting the 46-year-old woman’s consent, officers searched the unit. Inside the unit, officers found a metal container that held drug paraphernalia and suspected methamphetamine. Officers also found a small amount of shards that initially tested positive for methamphetamine.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation tested substances in two containers. CBI found one to contain nearly 35 grams of methamphetamine, while the other contained residue of “Testosterone Cypionate.”

The 46-year-old woman was known by authorities to associate with drug users and dealers. She also “has a lengthy criminal history of theft, trespass, counterfeiting, assault, forgery and dangerous drugs possession,” according to Two River Drug Enforcement Team.

She was arrested on Jan. 25 on felony possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, as well as felony and misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance.

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