Crime briefs: Man arrested for indecent exposure near a Rifle tattoo shop |

Crime briefs: Man arrested for indecent exposure near a Rifle tattoo shop

A 41-year-old man was arrested Tuesday at a tattoo shop in Rifle and charged with indecent exposure for pleasuring himself in public.

An officer said in court papers that upon his arrival, around 10:14 p.m., he could see the male acting as reported. As he tried to make contact with him, the suspect ran behind the shop.

The officer said he followed the man toward the rear of the parlor and asked him to open the door.

The officer advised the suspect he was under arrest for indecent exposure. The suspect refused multiple times to open a door to the shop. The officer said after he phoned the owner of the shop, the suspect opened the door and told the officer he wanted to explain. He said his pants got stuck on the counter at the tattoo parlor and it only looked like he was pleasuring himself.

The officer wrote in court documents that the male began adjusting his shorts to show how the misunderstanding happened, “at which time he clearly placed his [private part] in his hands.”

The officer continued, “His [private part] at the time was in plain view and not covered by his clothing. It did not appear that he was aware his [private part] was in his hand again.”

Officers placed the suspect in handcuffs and approached two witnesses, who said they had seen the act as they drove by the tattoo shop. One witness said they drove by two more times, witnessed the indecent exposure, and called police.

The affidavit says one of the witnessed phoned the store’s owner, who told police she had let the suspect stay in her shop once before because he was homeless.

He was transported to Garfield County Jail and police found he had a voided Colorado ID and was arrested two times prior in Rifle for the same offense.



A woman reported a domestic violence incident Wednesday to the Carbondale Police Department, and said her husband came into her home and assaulted her in front of her three children.

The 26-year-old woman told police that although they had separated, her husband would still buy groceries for the family.

She said he came into her home the night before to deliver the groceries and began confronting her about a new relationship.

She said when he began yelling, she put her children in a bedroom and returned to the living room where he was. That’s when the report indicates he began physically assaulting her.

She tried to defend herself, and he reportedly responded by grabbing her wrists and digging his nails into her skin. The police report said she repeatedly told him to leave, and when she tried pushing him out the door, he hit her in the face with an open hand.

She told police he was never violent during their 11-year marriage. But since their separation in January, he had assaulted her twice.

The officer called the suspect into the Carbondale Police Department and asked him to consent to an interview. He did so, and said he went to his wife’s house to deliver groceries. Upon arriving, he said, he realized the three children were at home alone.

He said he suspected his wife had left the kids alone to visit her new boyfriend, adding that this made him angry.

He said he stayed with the children and watched television until his wife returned, and added his anger from the situation led them to an argument. He told police his wife put the children in a bedroom before the two engaged in a physical altercation.

During the scuffle, he said he fell, scraping both his arms and breaking a closet door.

He told police he crossed his arms over his chest to protect himself during the fight.

The officer wrote in court documents that he changed his story once, saying his wife had grabbed a knife from the kitchen, which prompted him to grab her by the wrists.

He is charged with harassment and domestic violence.




On May 23, three officers were dispatched to call at The Comfort Inn in Rifle following a domestic violence call in which the caller reported his son had choked his wife.

Officers said in court documents that upon arriving, they made contact with a man they had known from a prior incident from the week before. One officer says he went into the hotel to speak with the suspect’s wife and noticed two red hand-like marks on the woman’s neck and shoulder.

She told the officer that she was unsure if her husband was under the influence or if he was in crisis, due to two mental illnesses with which he has been diagnosed. She said he had stopped taking his medication since leaving jail the week before and that his anger may have stemmed from his suspicion that she was having an affair.

The couple and the suspect’s parents had been living at the hotel, as the suspect lit his parent’s house on fire several weeks before.

She reported to the officer that the assault occurred after her husband had asked her to take a trip with him to Walmart. She said she suspected she had been taking too long to get ready and that may have led him toward choking her.

Before the suspect was taken into custody, he and his wife argued over a backpack. He said she had taken it from him, and when he tried to remove it from her, she sustained the visible injuries on her neck and shoulder. He also admitted he pushed her after he retrieved the bag.

An officer wrote in court documents that he gave the woman a victim’s pamphlet and advised she speak to a victim’s advocate.

The officer wrote in court documents that he told the woman he was concerned with the suspect’s progression in violence.

He is charged with domestic violence and second-degree assault, a class four felony.


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