Crime briefs: Man arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend |

Crime briefs: Man arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend

On July 2, at about 9:45 p.m., Glenwood Springs Police received a call from a person who said a colleague was being followed home by her ex-boyfriend.

The caller said the victim had an active protection order against the suspect, causing the entire office to feel concerned about her safety.

The caller said the suspect had called their place of employment seven times that day asking for the alleged victim.

Police say they called the victim’s mother to advise her of the situation and she gave officers another coworker’s phone number. That colleague told officers she had answered the phone that day and recognized the suspect’s voice.

She said the suspect had been in the passenger’s seat of an SUV that night before the store’s closing, and an unknown female had been driving the car, which followed the victim home from work.

When officers spoke to the victim later by phone, she said she was safe at home and had been unaware the suspect had been following her.

She told officers she didn’t have a cell phone because he had hacked into her previous device and had been tracking her in the past. She also said she had no clues as to who the woman could be and added she’s continuously scared for her safety because the suspect is “unpredictable.”

Almost a month earlier, in mid-June, a different colleague had called police to say the suspect had been to the office seven times that day.  The suspect allegedly said he was shopping for products the store sold that day.

He allegedly tried to enter the company’s employee break room before a staff member had stopped him, and court documents say he drove around the rear parking lot multiple times before the store’s closing. Staff members said they were scared for the victim’s safety. An officer told the caller he would try to make contact with the suspect in the parking lot.

After the initial July 2 report, the victim and a colleague left the business and got into their vehicles. Police say in court papers that the suspect raced toward the victim’s car and pulled along side it.

He’s been at Garfield County Jail for one day and has an open bond status. Police arrested him and charged him with domestic violence, stalking, violation of bond conditions, and violation of a protection order.

Police say in court affidavits that once he was placed in the back of the patrol car during the earlier June incident, he said something along the lines of, “I should have known better.”


On June 29 at about 5:57 p.m. the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic violence call, which came from a reporting party who said a man and a women had been hitting each other in a moving truck.

The caller told police he doesn’t usually get involved in other people’s affairs but could only imagine what went on behind closed doors, if the two had been “really going at it” like that in public, according to court affidavits.

The reporting party said the two had been driving in a white truck with green lettering that led officers to a landscaping business nearby.

As the officer pulled into the business’s parking lot, he says he located the male and female. Upon questioning, they both denied assaulting each other.

The woman told the officer they had been arguing and hit each other a few times and the male, who had been separated from the female, told another backup officer that they had not touched each other.

Officers questioned the difference in accounts and placed the woman in handcuffs before she admitted the male, her boyfriend, had hit, choked, and shoved her body into the back of his truck, causing her to hit her head on his tailgate. He also allegedly told her he would kill her.

She said she had withheld the alleged abuse because she wanted to protect her boyfriend.

Police say in court documents, the 24-year-old male had three counts of felony warrants related to failing to appear for charges related to dangerous drugs and felony menacing.

After his arrest, he told police he had “something” in his pocket, and police say they retrieved a crystalline substance from his body and it later tested as positive for methamphetamine.

He changed his version of events after his arrest and allegedly told police at Garfield County Jail that he had driven the woman to his shop so she could get her things before their breakup.

He said his right hand might have hit her, that she bit one of her own knees, and she may have been choked while he tried to protect himself from her. He also told officers she was “throwing a fit” by his Toyota, which is how she could have hit herself on the tailgate of his truck.

He is charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment, unlawful possession of drugs, driving while license suspended, and three counts of felony warrants for his arrest.

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