Crime Briefs: Silt Police catch a suspected predator; father beaten by son |

Crime Briefs: Silt Police catch a suspected predator; father beaten by son

Posing as a 13-year-old girl, a Silt police officer sent an armpit photo when a man asked for more explicit pictures. The suspect was soon arrested for internet sexual exploitation of a child.

A Silt police officer set up a Facebook account named “Nicole,” with pictures of a young girl. He began receiving direct messages from a Parachute man, who is 26, on June 10.

After a few days, the officer posing as the girl asked how old the man was, and he answered 26. “Nicole” said she was almost 14, and they continued chatting.

The suspect said on June 16 that he wanted Nicole, but her age was stopping him. “I would love to be with you It’s just I’m 12 years older and ur a minor,” the suspect wrote, according to an arrest affidavit.

On June 19, the man was cited for driving with a suspended license in Silt. He later confessed to “Nicole” that he was trying to come see her.

The two began to have frank conversations about sex beginning June 20, with the man explaining what he would like to do to her, if she was up for it.

He also began requesting explicit photos of body parts.

The officer sent two pictures that “were very similar in appearance to a vagina and butt. The vagina picture is actually a picture of an arm pit and the butt picture is a bent elbow,” the officer wrote.

The man continued to talk with the fake 13-year-old, asking if she would be OK with sex. The Nicole profile said she would be open to it.

This past Wednesday, the suspect wrote that he wanted to meet the girl and perform sexual acts. He was arrested Thursday.

Threats at Parachute rest stop

A 43-year-old man who “ships products around the country” met a suspect, 25, in Louisiana and invited him to join him on his deliveries for money.

The pair were making a delivery to Utah when the suspect began to act strangely, and at one point grabbed the wheel. The older man told him to get out of the car, but picked him up again later.

They continued to travel east, and when they stopped at the Parachute rest are on Interstate 70 on Wednesday, the older man told the suspect to get out of the car and gather his belongings.

The young man “jumped on the hood” pulled out a pocket knife and brandished it at the older man. “You better pay me or I’m going to kill you,” the young man said.

The older man, fearing for his life, tried to get out of the car, but was blocked by the suspect. He paid the young man using the Cash App, and the young man calmed down enough to travel.

When they arrived in Frisco, the older man rushed into a service station and asked for help. Frisco Police arrived and arrested the young man, who said he had gotten mad when the older man had refused to pay him.

When asked if he pulled a knife, he told officers, “maybe, I don’t remember.”

The young man was booked into the Garfield County Jail on Wednesday.

Fight with son lands father in hospital

Things got violent when a Glenwood Springs man told his 30-year-old son it was time to find a new living arrangement.

Police were called to a south Glenwood residence Tuesday after neighbors heard yelling.

The officers spoke to the 30-year-old who said he and his dad got into an argument, according to court records.

“My dad wanted to kick me out of my house,” the young man explained.  He refused to say anything else about the altercation.

First responders found the father on the kitchen floor, blood on his face and eyes nearly swollen shut.

The father seemed to agree that his son needed to go to jail. “He needs to get put away; he needs help,” the father said.

At the hospital, the father told officers that his son is bipolar and schizophrenic.

The father said he had gone into his son’s room in the basement to remind him it was time for him to move out, and offered $1,000 and a car to get him on his feet, according to the affidavit.

The young man began to yell, and pushed him multiple times before the father made it upstairs and outside. Fearing his son would damage some personal records stored in the basement, the father went down again, when his son attacked him.

The father said his son attempted to choke him by sticking fingers down his throat, and then from behind using his arms.

His son also hit him in the face with a laptop computer as he lay on the kitchen floor.

The young man’s mother told police that she believed her son had “severe mental health issues” but also that “this incident may offer (him) the opportunity to get help by going to jail for a long time.”

The son was charged with second-degree assault and criminal mischief.

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