Crime Briefs: Stolen car, stolen bikes … all belong to a ‘friend’ |

Crime Briefs: Stolen car, stolen bikes … all belong to a ‘friend’

Alex Zorn

A New Castle police officer reported to a new construction site on Castle Valley Boulevard before midnight on Thursday because a suspicious vehicle was reported to be sitting at the site when there should be “nobody or no vehicles on the property at night,” according to the arrest affidavit.

The driver stated that he pulled off the road and drove onto the dirt lot so that he could fix his bicycles that had fallen off his back rack.

The officer ran the driver’s name through dispatch and he came back as having a revoked license. The officer asked who the vehicle belonged to and the driver said that he borrowed it from a friend, who’s last name he did not know, and that he had the vehicle for two to three days. He said he only knew her from Facebook.

The vehicle registration came back to a New Castle resident who reported her vehicle stolen on Aug. 2.

The officer ordered the driver out of the car and placed him under arrest.

Another individual walked onto the scene and stated that he was cleaning the clubhouse recreation center, approximately 200 yards away, and his two bicylces valued at $2,000 were missing when he came out. He said another person said that police had pulled over a car with two bikes on the back nearby.

The man identified the two bikes as his.

When the officers questioned the driver about the bikes, he said that he was sent up to the recreation center by a friend to grab their bikes, states the affidavit.

The driver said he ran the bikes through a website that showed the bikes’ registration and they were not reported to be stolen.

The officer later found six counterfeit bills inside the driver’s wallet and he was arrested for 2nd degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, theft of $2,000 to $5,000 worth of goods, among other charges.

Punches thrown on Silt Road

On July 16, just after 7 p.m., a road rage incident was reported in Silt when the driver of a blue truck reportedly pulled up to another car and started punching another driver in the face after an earlier traffic altercation on the road.

When the officer arrived on the scene a male was holding bloodied tissues to his nose and described what happened.

He said that a blue pickup was broke down in the road near Herons Nest and a female was outside the vehicle attempting to get cars to move around it while a male attempted to get the truck moving again. The driver said he did not move around the truck because of oncoming traffic and the female became frustrated by this and flipped him off, according to the affidavit. He returned the favor.

A few blocks later the driver of the blue truck pulled up next to him, the driver got out and punched the driver of the other vehicle twice in the nose. The truck driver then drove away.

The officer called in an ambulance who said the man’s nose may be broken.

Using Facebook and the DMV copy of the driver’s license photo, the officer and the individual that was punched were able to identify the man.

A warrant was later issued for his arrest.

Domestic disturbance in Rifle ends with meth bust

Last Sunday around 4:30 p.m., officers were called to a domestic disturbance at Rifle’s Centennial Park. A Rifle police officer arrived on scene and found another officer talking with a male that was suspected to have a felony warrant for his arrest.

The officer asked dispatch to check for warrants and because the suspect had been allowed to leave the area, the officer began to follow him and keep an eye on him.

Dispatch then confirmed the warrant.

The suspect was known to attempt to run, often, from police, according to the affidavit, so the officer contacted the suspect but did not advise him on the warrant right away.

The officer then exited his vehicle and advised the suspect that he was under arrest. Another officer arrived on scene and came up behind the suspect and the two officers secured him before he had the chance to run and placed him under arrest.

The officers reportedly found methamphetamine in the suspect’s possession, and he was charged with felony possession among other charges.

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